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How to train for
muscle hypertrophy?
To get your muscles growing you you need to to subject the the muscle muscle to to to to stress levels that they have not been intro- duced to to to to before This is is is is referred to to to to as progressive tension overload There are several ways to to to accomplish this:
• • Perform more repetitions
• • • Increase the amount of weight you you are lifting • • Decrease your recovery time
These approaches will will create micro trauma (tiny tears in in in in in in in muscle fibers) which your body will will then repair by increasing the the the the the amount of protein going into the the the the the muscle muscle therefore causing the the the the muscle muscle to to grow back stronger and larger if proper nutrition is in in place Assuming proper nutrition is in in in in place adding more weight to the bar and applying high vol- ume multiple set set programs (6-12 reps 3-6 sets) have been proven to to be be the most effective methods to to develop muscle hypertrophy These approaches create greater hypertro- phy for
2 reasons:
1 The increased workload is more effective at at creating micro trauma because of the extra time
under stress thus causing more muscle fibers to be be recruited
2 High volume multiple set pro- grams are more effective at at increasing the body’s natural production of testosterone and growth hormone Micro trauma stimulates an an increase in in in protein synthesis and muscle growth is is positively affected
by a a a a a a a number of hormones that are released after weight training High volume multiple set programs cause more micro trauma and greater natural hormone secretion Example of High Volume workout:
Barbell Rows: Rows: Seated Rows: Rows: Rows: Dumbbell Rows: Rows: Lat Pulldowns:
5 x x 6-10 4 4 x x x 10-12 10-12 4 4 4 x x x 10-12 10-12 10-12 4 4 4 x x x 10-12 10-12 4 4 x x 12-15
Josh Miller B S S Degree in Exercise Science NGA Pro Bodybuilder
NGA Pro Physique NGA Chairman and Promoter KY Owner of Transformation Personal Training Winchester KY So the end result -- more muscle! n n NGA NATURAL mag

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