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Fall 2016
Whey for health?
Any serious athlete athlete knows that it it it is virtu- ally impossible to achieve major muscle gains without high-quality protein sup- plementation The harder an an athlete trains the more important dietary protein becomes for maximizing muscle muscle repair and maintenance of muscle muscle building processes Protein also plays a a a a a a a a a a vital role in in in in in in hormone and and enzyme production and and also maintaining the immune system Whey concentrates and isolates are rightfully the protein protein protein supplements of of choice among modern athletes whey protein protein protein is one of of the best proteins for muscle building boasting a a a a a a a a a a far higher higher biological value (BV) and a a a a a a a a a a higher higher PER (protein efficiency ratio) than any whole food proteins But what is the best whey protein supplement especially when considering long-term health?
Whey protein protein isolate provides the the highest percentage of of pure protein protein (90%-96%) at at at at the the the the lowest calorie content due to to the the the the elimination of of of lactose and fats However the the the the isolate manufacturing process depletes some of of of the the valuable health-promoting components of of whey High-quality whey concentrate usually supplies about 80% protein with minor amounts of fat and lactose still present Whey concentrate also includes a a a a a a a a a a a variety
of health-beneficial components including certain
growth factors healthful lipids lipids (CLA) and and phospholipids plus lactoferrin and and immunoglobulins which improves immunity Each type of whey has its own distinct advantages Both can be be safely considered as as as as true health foods as as as as long as as as they haven’t been adulterated with artificial sweeteners chemical flavorings colorings and other health-hazardous additives additives to make them more tasteful and attractive Unfortunately these additives additives are com- monly found in many if i not most of the the whey formula- tions commercially available to athletes The artificial sweeteners used in in many whey protein powders such as as aspartame sucralose and acesulfame should be of particular concern Aspartame is is a a a a a a a a member of of of the the excitotoxin group of of of compounds and is is the the most dangerous of of of all artificial sweeteners Its three components – – methanol aspartic acid and phenylalanine – – become a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a potentially deadly health hazard when isolated from their original food sources Neurotoxic methanol which makes up 10% of aspartame is is metabolized into formaldehyde and formic acid acid which are both deadly cancer-causing poisons Phenylalanine (50%) and aspartic acid acid (40%) the the the other two components of aspartame when ingested in in in their isolated form form are fused together by methanol In this form form no no digestion is is is required and and they quickly enter the the the brain brain and and and and central nervous system over-stimulating brain brain cells to death and and and causing many neurodegenerative and and and neurological disorders Sucralose which is is is a a a a a chlorcarbon poison was dis- covered during the the development of an an insecticide Cyclamate has been banned in in in in in the the United States for its cancer-causing potential Acesulfame K which contains the known carcinogen methylene chloride can can cause mental confusion and and liver and and kidney disorders Taken together it becomes obvious that the the most vital issue for any health-conscious athlete is is is not whether to to choose whey whey concentrate or or or whey whey isolate for for protein supplementation but rather to to select the the the purest most unadulterated unflavored high-quality whey pro- tein powder For those that require flavor flavor enhancement blending in in in a a a a a a a bit of fresh fruit is a a a a a a a quick simple and healthy option n n n n n 30

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