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Winter 2017
It was a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a fairytale come true as as as as Patrick Carr NGA NGA amateur physique competitor walked into the the NGA NGA East Coast Natural Championships in in Penn State with his eyes on on multiple prizes He earned them all!
The NGA NGA East Coast Natural Championships in Penn State proudly presents to you the the newest NGA NGA Physique Physique PRO PRO Classic Physique Physique PRO PRO and most importantly the the future Mr Mr & Mrs Carr!
The plan was set as as Patrick worked with the Promoters Earl Snyder and Terri Whitsel for for about a a a a a a a a a a a a month before the the big show to to to get all of the the details set up Patrick was so flexible and willing to to to do anything to to to make sure that the proposal was a a a a a a a a a huge surprise for his new fiancé Maureen Walsh The Goal: Get Maureen onto the stage without her becoming suspicious and Maureen says “yes” The Game Plan: We incorporate the the 50/50 draw- ing into the the execution pull a win- ning ticket
to Maureen and pull her on stage as a a a a a winner Pat- rick comes out pops the question and clinch the win!
How It Went
Down: We We pulled
a a a winning 50/50 ticket
(a fake one) and gave gave it it to to Patrick He gave gave it it to to to her her right before the finals began and and told her her he he he he he bought one and and to to make sure she
was there when they did the the the drawing Luck-
ily Maureen is easy going and agreeable! Patrick gave the the the the the the emcee the the coveted ring to hold at at the the podium After Patricks’ Physique routine was finished he he he he then exited the the stage Earl Snyder promoter and and emcee an- nounced that we would be drawing a a a a a a a a a a a a 50/50 and and for eve- ryone to to get their tickets ready Earl had Patrick Patrick pull the the the the winning ticket
and and exit the the the the stage Patrick Patrick stood behind the the the the curtain with some nervousness and and a a a a a a bowtie Of course Maureen had had the the the winning ticket
Earl had had her come all the the the way up on stage to set the the the final scene Still unsuspecting Maureen looked beautiful as she
unknowingly prepared to to accept the proposal that would change her future for- ever After a a a a a a a a a a minute or or so of complete unnecessary talk to to to keep her occupied Patrick took his his place on on stage without Maureen seeing him and and with with nothing on on but his his posing trunks a a a a a a a a a a a bouquet of flowers and and a a a a a a a a a a a bow tie making all the the ladies in in the the audience go wild! Maureen turned around
and of course she
immediately figured it out out as as the man who was was about to steal her her heart
was was on on on one knee in front of her her She said yes The newly engaged couple met in in in 2013 at a a a a a local dining establish- ment They reside in the Fox Chase
section of Phila- delphia with their rescue dog Ace Patrick is a a a a NPTI Personal Trainer
and is pursuing a a a a degree in in Physi- calTherapy He has been training
seriously for seven years and began competing in in in the Spring of 2015 and earned his Pro card in Men’s Physique Physique and Classic Physique Physique from
the NGA in July of 2016 Maureen is an Events Director & Caterer at at The Orpheus Club of Philadelphia a a a a a a historic performing arts club Maureen has been very supportive of Pat’s fitness goals and and and achievements and and and helps a a a a a a a a a a a a a a lot with contest and and and regu- lar meal prep In return Pat helped Maureen streamline her own fitness goals and and is constantly helping to to plan new and and fun workout programs to to to keep things interesting They plan to to get married in in in the Summer of 2018 Congratulations to both of you and and best wishes for a a a a a a healthy long and and prosperous future from
the NGA! n n n n n n NGA NATURAL mag

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