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Winter 2017
For the the the past 3 years at at the the the NGA Gator Classic in central Florida there has been an award given out to to to those competitors who have
overcome overcome some sort of adversity Competitors who have
overcome overcome a a a a a a a a a major surgery drastic weight loss or or anything else that an an everyday citizen who have
been sidelined Entries are sent in in about their stories what they they have
overcome the the the the issues they they had to to contend with and and perhaps some pictures Promoter Bill Mora and and Mike “BrocMan” Ives (for whom the award is named after) go through each entry meticu- lously Every single one one deserves to get the award however unfortunately only one one person can receive it
The The award is named The The mike “Brocman” Ives Ives Warrior Spirit
Award for NGA Masters’ Pro competitor Mike Mike Ives Mike Mike was
born and raised in Philadel- phia When he he he he was
a a a a a a a a a teenager he he he he had both arms crushed in a a a a a a paper baler As a a a a a a youngster Mike never thought of body- building He wanted to be either a a a a a a a professional baseball player or a a a a a a a a drummer Fitness and bodybuilding never really entered his mind It took almost 2 grueling years to to get his arms out of casts and start a a a a a a a lengthy physical therapy process In Mike’s early 20s he he began to work out As time would have
Mike started reading bodybuilding maga- zines working out and even met some of the magazine idols in in venice Beach CA He was
bitten by the “bodybuild- ing” bug Mike would go on to compete in in over 45 NPC
contests throughout Florida and up/down the East Coast Being a a a a drug free competitor Mike started to to enter enter natural shows Everywhere he he he goes
and and every show show he he he he he enters people know Mike They see and and and hear his positive positive outlook on life a a a a a a a positive positive attitude and and and a a a a a a a a willingness to help others get better In a a a a a sport known for selfishness and and the “all about me” attitude it
is is is nice to to see how genuine a a a a a a a person Mike is is is He is is is quick to to help someone backstage at shows or or lend some some con- structive advice on on on posing or or dieting As Mike is is nearing his 75th show natural bodybuilding and the sport in in in general need more people like Mike Ives The first Warrior Spirit
Award was
awarded to to bikini and figure competitor Maggie Maggie Carbone Maggie Maggie overcame a a a a a a a a a drastic weight loss (100+ pounds) Most people as as they become heavier never think of of entering or competing in in in in in in a a a a a fitness show She put in in in in in in in grueling days and months of of of hard work losing the equivalent of of almost a a a a a a a a a a single person! Maggie can be seen at at central Florida shows as a a a a a a a a a a a a spectator or or or judge We plan to to see her on on stage again very soon!
The second Warrior Spirit
Award was
awarded to to masters and (sometimes) open open bodybuilding competitor Dennis Dennis Hobart Dennis Dennis had an an open open heart surgery Most folks in in in their 50’s would not be thinking of of any type of of major fitness activity let alone compete in in in in a a a a a a a a a bodybuilding contest! Dennis was
the exception Always a a a a a a a smile and positive attitude He continues to to compete to to this day and is is is a a a a a a fixture in in in the the 50+ Masters Body- building division division He He will sometimes grace the the Open Heavyweight division division as well!
For our 2016 Warrior Spirit
Award it
awarded to to Ariel Ariel Cleary Ariel Ariel overcame severe mental stress and and depression leading up to to and and after her her pregnancy At one point she did not want anything to to to do with her her child and and it
took some time and and and effort ffor for those feelings to to to sub- side She got back on on track and and competed this year in in the bikini division Ariel has a a a a a a a a a a a great per- sonality and works very hard We look forward to seeing her at more NGA shows!
If you you feel like you you may deserve a a a a a a a chance at the Mike “BrocMan” Ives Warrior Spirit
Award send your bio and and letter to my email billyct74@ aol com and and maybe you you will be be the the next recipi- ent at at the the NGA Gator Classic on May 6 2017
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