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Spring/Summer 2017 Spring/Summer 2017 May 6 2017 • East Peoria IL
Bikini Debut - left to right: Megan Siears Rachel Cillick Kelly Huffman Huffman Pamela Hahn Jessica Huffman Huffman Guida Scheer Angela Carey Aubrey Rosado
Megan Gaza Pro Figure Winner
Over 50 athletes took the the the stage at at the the the 22nd annual NGA Pro/Am Heart of America on May 6th in East Peoria IL
This was the 14th year for me to promote this this show A packed house filled a a a new venue this this year at the Illinois Central College Performing Arts Center Although overall numbers were down slightly this year a a a a very competitive stacked class of athletes came to compete for their NGA NGA Pro status as the the show is an NGA NGA Super Pro Qualifier The Bikini and Men’s Physique classes were especially full with Head Judge Earl “The Pearl” Snyder commenting “it was one of the biggest Bikini classes he he had seen in in an NGA show ” In the Pro Division of of Men’s BB Trevor Sajdak of of Columbus OH edged out Mark Dick of Morton Illinois for the win Pro Bikini went to to Jessica Orban bagging her 3rd straight Pro Bikini win win after winning the trans- formation class just 7 months ago at at the NGA/NPC Championships Pro Figure Figure went to Megan Gaza a a a a a a rising star in in the NGA Pro Figure Figure ranks She edged out a very well-conditioned Cory Cory Kyle Cory Cory went on on on to win 1st place in in Women’s Physique Open after crossing over from Pro Figure Other NGA Pro Card winners from the the open classes were Brian Neilson overall overall Men’s Physique and Jessica Huffman overall overall Women’s Bikini At 19 years young she is is a a a a a a rising star for sure Jessica also claimed 1st in in Figure Open medium Ryan Scott a a a a a big and muscular heavyweight won Men’s Alma Mentz - 2nd Place Bikini Open Tall 56 NGA NATURAL mag NGA NATURAL mag 2017 2017 NGA Pro/Am Heart o o 

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