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Fall 2017
May 6 2017
• Plymouth Meeting PA
fourth was was Micah Arriola In the hotly contested Pro Figure division first place place was was was Karla Miller second place place was was garnered by Julie Patula a a a a a a a a a a a new Pro Pro Bikini winner who won her NGA Pro Pro Card just a a a a a a week before the Philly show was Ebony Fenster- maker coming in in in in at at 3rd place former NGA Figure winner Marielizabeth Ruegger came in in in in in at at fourth and rounding out the Pro Figure class was Alyssa Cheatham In other divisions the the Junior’s winner (23 and under) was was tight Mike Neuman Debut Physique was was won by Bill “Buddy” Caine besting eight eight other competitors in in in in in in this popular class Lightweight Men’s Physique Physique winner and winning his his Pro Physique Physique card was Peter Boulerjeris Middleweight Men’s Phy- sique sique winner and and receiving his his Pro Pro Physique card at this show were were Mike Rowlands Other NGA Pro Pro Cards garnered were were Carl Wittig in in in Classic Physique LaQuita Carr
in in in in Bikini and and and Masters Figure Figure Chelsea Cyr and and and Kim Kim Pfeifer in in in in in Figure Figure Kim’s husband also competed in in in in in the Men’s Bodybuilding division Winning three NGA Pro Cards was Dave Sheldon
in in in in in in Master’s and and Grandmaster’s Bodybuilding as as as as as well as as as as as earning his NGA Pro Bodybuilding card winning the Middleweight Open category The Overall Novice Bodybuilding Bodybuilding winner was Lewis Armstrong In the the Open Division Bodybuilding Bodybuilding classes the the the Light- weight weight weight winner winner was was Joseph Drum the the the Middleweight winner winner winner was was was Dave Sheldon
the the the Light Heavyweight Heavyweight winner winner was was was Mike Neuman and the the Heavyweight Heavyweight division was was was won won by by Carl Carl Wittig The new 2017
NGA Mr Natural Philadelphia was was won won by by Carl Carl Carl Wit-
tig Carl Carl had competed last year in both the the NGA Natural Natural Philly Philly and the the World’s Gym Philly Philly Natural Natural promoted by Pump Promotions just barely miss- ing an an NGA NGA NGA Pro Pro Pro Pro Card Card win This year he he won both his his Classic Pro Pro Pro NGA NGA NGA Card Card Card and the the NGA NGA NGA Pro Pro Pro Bodybuild- ing Card Card He also won Best Poser for the the the show Carl is a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a graduate of of the the University of of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania and originally from Tamaqua Pennsylvania Pennsylvania The Most Representative Gym award was won by LIFT gym out of North Philadelphia which had eight competi- tors in the show The 18th Annual NGA Philly will be held May 5 2018 in in Plymouth Meeting PA
n n n n n Emcee Steve Peacock Carolyn Brady (Miss Liberty Bell) Warren Egebo
Dave Sheldon
Carl Wittig Mike Neuman Joseph Drum Chris Gilbert
Mr and Ms Natural Philadelphia and Figure Championships 

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