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Winter 2018 Winter 2018 ligaments and and tendons and and will also subject them to major tears 7 Leg Extension: This is is is is an exercise that is is is is not designed designed to to support heavy weight as as it it was designed designed to to rehabilitate the range of motion
on on a a a a a a a a knee that has been through a a a a a a a a surgery or or replacement This movement is is best performed in a a a a a a a a slow and controlled pace It may also be be be beneficial to to the quadriceps development to to work this muscle with light weight and high reps (15-30) The Leg Extension is is is most effective when it is is is used at the end of your leg work out and and not as as a a a a a a a a a warm warm up up The best exercises to use use as as a a a a a a a a a warm warm up up for your knees is is free standing squats (no weight) or or leg presses (light weights) Some of the the exercises mentioned above target the the trapezius muscle which leaves many people wondering exactly what types of exer- cises that that they can incorporate into their work- out out routine that that are low risk and do not pose
hazards on the the body The good news is is is is that that there is is is is no particular exercise that that is is is is needed to target the the the the traps because they are being worked when engaged in in any other safe body move- ments that work the the upper upper torso This muscle can be targeted when any upper upper body row movement is performed as as well as as through bicep curls shoulder presses pull pull downs pull pull ups or or any any lateral movement So amazing traps can be be developed without performing any any of the the hazardous moves that have been incorpo- rated into the the aforementioned list I hope this article helps to to clarify many unanswered questions pertaining to to to to what not to to to to do as it pertains to to to to exercises that can pose
the the the highest risk and hazards to to to the the the body If there are any additional questions or thoughts please feel free to to email me at: fitnessinmindmotivator@gmail com n n n n NGA NATURAL mag NGA NATURAL mag 35

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