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Fall 2018
Dreams to Fruition
I’d I’d always dreamt of one one day competing but never thought I’d I’d see that dream to fruition as
there was one major thing holding me back and this was the damage that had been done to my body
by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I always wanted to to be a a Bikini competitor but I knew this would require me to wear heels on
stage which I’d lost the ability to do a a a few years ago as
MS slowly started to steal the things I once loved and took for granted However I didn’t let that stop me and while my body
type is better suited for Bikini I competed in my very first NGA competition
in May 2018
a a a Women’s Physique Competitor barefoot!
My story began in in 2002 when I’d started to to get sick first with with Shingles at age 20 and soon after with with Bell’s palsy a a a a a a a a a a a a a form of temporary facial paralysis Years had passed and and I began to to experience strange symptoms Using my right hand became became difficult I developed double vision and walking became became troublesome After hearing my my my symptoms my my my doc- tor ordered a a a a a a CT Scan of my my my brain but nothing could’ve prepared me me for what would come next in in in the following office visit The test results were back and after I I stepped into his office I I became numb as
he he he showed me me the the CT Scan results and uttered the the the words “brain tumor ” He couldn’t confirm my diagnosis as
further testing including an MRI was was needed but I I suddenly realized that my life was was about to change forever I was later referred to a a a a a local hospital

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