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David Retta
BB Open NGA PRO Card
Ernell Devera
Bikini Open & & Masters NGA PRO Cards & & Overall
Fall 2018
Folsom Ca June 9 2018
NGa Promoter: Johnny “The motivator” Carrero
www fitnessinmind com fitnessinmindmotivator@gmail com This This was was the 25th Anniversary of promoting this event and what a a a a show it was! This This incredible show began with three natural athletes Breana Elias
(Teen (Teen Bikini) Charan Anbalagan (Teen (Teen Physique) and Daniel Walsh (Teen Physique) who all
showed great potential in in this sport Bikini Masters was one of the toughest Bikini divisions that have graced
the stage and this year it was Ernell DeVera who was victorious in her beauty symmetry and elegant posing which earned her an NGA PRO Card! Also amazing was Lourdes Giovannini who in in in her 50’s dropped over 100lbs to compete in her first Figure competition Scott Warden took the the Men’s Bodybuilding Mas- ter’s division for the the the second year year in in in a a a a a a row showing great improvements every year year In the the the Physique Open there were two classes and it it was Chuck Hoffer who showed up with a a a a a a ripped physique but couldn’t overcome the the lean hard symmetrical Paul Siebensohn who took the the the win in in Class Class A In Physique Open Class Class B the the the return of Simar Dhali- wal wowed the the the audience with a a a a a a a a a newly improved physique that helped him capture the the 1st place win win in in in his class The Overall
winner was Paul Siebensohn The Figure division made a a a comeback in this dynamic show! Katie Riseman took home an an NGA PRO Card
but Joey Chapple did not make it easy for her her her because her her her lean muscular body and posing was was also spectacular In the the Bikini Open there were two classes This was was a a a a a a a a a a a a a very difficult class class to judge because all
the ladies came in in sporting beautiful physiques Tiffani Hollis showed up with a a a a a a a a a a a a very lean and beautiful physique physique that would fare well in the Figure division Breana Elias
faced off with Ernell Ernell DeVera but it it was was Ernell Ernell who was was victorious and won the the top spot in in in in the the Short class in in in in Bikini Open Alona Alona Zaharkina went head-to-head with with Rose Rose Key- ser in in in in in in the the the Tall class with with Rose Rose squeaking past Alona Alona by one point for the the the win In the the the Overall
Bikini cat- egory it it was Ernell Ernell (Short class) class) vs Rose (Tall class) class) with Ernell Ernell earning her second NGA PRO Card
This year’s NGA California showcased the the new TIT (Team in in in in in Training) division division In this division division there was a a a a a a a a a fun routine created by by Bing Saez and brought on on by by ten competitors known as as Broadstone Muscle Squad! We are looking forward to to to seeing more of the TIT division at future events The Bodybuilding Open was a a a a tight competi- tion with with Scott Warden bringing a a a a a a a well improved physique along with with Aaron Whitten showcasing his symmetry and dense muscle yet not being able to overcome the the shredded body of David David Reta! This year the the 2018
NGA NGA Natural Mr California was was David David Reta who also earned an an an NGA NGA PRO Card! This was was a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a fantastic show show and and we look forward to more out- standing shows in in the future! n n n n n n 26 NGA NATURALmag
NGA Natural Mr /Ms California PRO Qualifier

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