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Fall 2018
NGa Flag City Classic & Expo
NGa Promoters: Shiloe Steinmetz & amanda Bayliff
Findlay OH September 1 1 2018
www ngaflagcityclassic com shiloesteinmetz@yahoo com baylifttraining@gmail com Isaiah Williams
BB Open MW & Classic Physique 2 PRO Cards
The Inaugural Flag City Classic was held Sep- tember 1 1 2018
at at the the state-of-the-art Mara- thon Center for for the Performing Arts Some
of the the best natural athletes still made the the trip to Findlay Ohio to compete in in this spectacular event NGA NGA Promoter and and former NGA NGA PRO Shiloe Steinmetz served as as Master of Ceremonies and and opened the the the the competition with a a a a a a a a prayer for all the the the the athletes and then introduced one of the the the the the best gospel singers in in in in the the the the the country Kerry Buck to sing sing the the the the National Anthem This show presented unique and and special awards which was truly a a a a a a a a a a a a a a gift for the the the athletes Each athlete athlete received a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a goodie bag and and t-shirt at at at at check in in in as as as well as as as introduced their brief bios at at at the the start of an enthusiastic evening show crowd Every athlete had ample stage stage time on on one of the the the best stages in in the the the bodybuilding arena and and there were some tough and and close classes However at the the the the end of the the the the night only a a a a a few could take the the the the title of Overall Champion and qualify for their NGA PRO Card Isaiah Williams
took the top spot in in both Men’s Bodybuilding and Classic Physique while home- town hero Nick Topel earned the title of Men’s Physique Overall For the the females it it was Deb Withers from Ken- tucky who earned top spot in in Women’s Physique while Morgan McVey won the the Bikini Bikini Novice as as well as as the the Bikini Bikini Open in in in her very first competition to qualify for NGA PRO status Finally in in the the Figure Open it was another hometown hero Nicole Cannell who earned her her her NGA PRO Card by taking claim to to to the Figure Overall title This show is is is definitely one you you don’t want to to miss next year if you you are an an an athlete Call Shiloe at at 419-799-0714 to to to commit to to to enter and receive half off entry to to to next year’s extraordinary event! n n n n n n n 54 NGA NATURALmag
Bikini masters
L-R: Darlene Tommelleo Jennifer Raisley Tori McVey Mari Nakahara Megan Lauck
Figure Open Winners
L-R: Layla Zikau Nicole Cannell Megan Draper
morgan mcvey
Bikini Open “B” NGA PRO Card & Overall 

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