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Winter 2019
It was the the the the grand finale the the the the crowning glory the the the the crème crème de la crème crème the the the the 2018 NGA PRO/AM Universe
& & American Natural Championships
hosted by NGA Founder & & President President Andrew Bostinto Bostinto and Vice President President Francine Bostinto Bostinto This This is is is the the show that NGA Athletes around the the world work towards all year year This This year’s finale proved to to be be be one of of the the best best yet Every NGA PRO and Amateur class was stacked with the the the best best best of of the best This year we we were pleased to announce that the the 2018 NGA NGA Hall of of Fame inductee was Marco Marco Zanetti Marco Marco has been a a a a a a a a a a a part of of of the the NGA NGA since
1992 when he he he began bringing his team of of out- standing athletes athletes to to our show which always have given the American athletes athletes a a a a a a a a a a tough competition At this year’s show he he he brought with him 10 ath- letes all all the way from Italy! Read all all about Marco on page 56 Hall of Fame award
L-R: Francine Bostinto Bostinto Marco Zanetti Andrew Bostinto Bostinto Hall of Fame Indutee
L-R: Marco Zanetti Andrew Bostinto NGA NATURALmag

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