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Winter 2020
Tamra Christine Antenucci
”The Purple Warrior”
Taylor Kjergaard wins the NGA PRO Bikini Open class in in in in a a a a a a a a a a a a a a stacked competition featuring Sabra Wil- son Chantal Guererro and Larissa Klemm who won her NGA NGA PRO Card at the the 2018 NGA NGA NPC Kanisha Roberts won the the Evening Gown live judging along with Patti Stanford Sheri Wachala won the Bikini Novice division with with Kendra Eubanks giving her her her a a a a a a a a a a run for for her her her money along along with with with Patti Stanford Kathi Troy won 1st place in in in in Bikini Bikini Bikini Open Open Tall along along with with the the Bikini Bikini Bikini Overall Kendra Eubanks won won the the Bikini Bikini Bikini Open Open Open Short Short Erika Sweeney won won Figure Open Open Short Short and her her NGA PRO Card by beating out 4 other ladies A special thanks goes out to “Tamra the Purple Warrior”
for for her “Fire” performance Tamra Tamra has been battling numerous health issues including epilepsy but she still managed to put on a a a a a a a dazzling display
Kyle Lacanlale Matt Lagrotta
PRO Physique - Open of light and special effects Lighting and sound was once again rocked by Ryan Wyss Wyss owner of Wyss Wyss Production Production Services Unique Vision Productions Studio (Willie Little III) came back back for backstage still shots of the NGA PRO classes along with filming high-def video and producing Hollywood-quality trailers Matty Jacob- son owner of Magic Dreams Productions came in in to shoot the the show from the the audience along with Carl Haar and Rick Lagrotta
Last but certainly not least a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a special thanks is extended to our returning Special VIP guest Mario Canon!
Thank you to to everyone who was in any way con- nected and contributed to to to the the the success
of the the the show! We look forward to to to seeing everyone for for the the the best show yet held on on October 17 2020
at Illinois Central College! n 44 NGA NATURALmag
NGA Natural Peoria Championships

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