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Winter 2020
NGA Amateur Universe
Congratulations goes out to
all the the Open class winners who qualified for their NGA PRO status We are proud of of the the quality of of our natural NGA athletes Isabel Lowry won the Bikini Open and Master classes to
earn herself two NGA PRO Cards Caitlin Leach dominated the Figure Open and walked away with her her NGA NGA PRO Card I first saw Caitlin at at another NGA NGA show in in the the transformation division She exemplifies what fitness is is all about In the Women’s Physique divi- sion it it was was Amber Amber Zuniga against Caitlin Leach It was was Amber Amber who would take home first place Amber might might be be small but she sure is mighty Caitlin Leach Bikini Model - Open 1st Place
Isabel Lowry Bikini - Open & Master 2 NGa PRO Cards Caitlin Leach Figure - Open NGa PRO Card Amber Zuniga Physique - Open 1st Place

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