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Winter 2020
NGA American Natural Championships
Bikini - Novice
L-R: Maria Malva-Torterolo & Michelle Frankhauser
The NGA American Natural Championships
opened up with 9-year-old Elijah Davis All the way from South Carolina this was not his his his first time on on stage and it it fit showed with his his his confi- dence It’s great seeing our youth involved in in in fitness Next up was the Bikini Novice
division Both girls Maria Malva Torterolo and and Michelle Frankhauser
came to win but it it was Maria who would take the the the the title title Amanda Latherow looked great in the the the the Figure Debut division and and took home the the the the title title The 2019 NGA PRO/AM Universe & American Champion- ships
is is always an an an unforgettable show and this one set the the bar higher for for for 2020
So get get get ready for for for November when all of the the the the the top winners from across the the the the the the globe will gather together once again to to to showcase the the the the the epitome of of natural physiques in in in in the the the the the world of of bodybuilding!
Amanda Latherow Figure - Debut 1st Place
Elijah Davis Kids Fitness 1st Place

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