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Spring-Summer 2022
NGA Amateur Universe
November 13 2021 Boca Raton FL
Paul Woods
Al Vaughan
BB - - - - Open LHW - - - - 1st 1st Place Place Masters Masters 60-69 - - - - - - 1st 1st Place Place Place C2 NGa PRO PRO Cards Masters Masters 70-79 - - - - - - - 2nd Place Place Place Dayshawn Taylor
BB - HW Open 1st Place Steve Crespo
BB - - - Open Open LW LW - - - 1st Place Classic Physique - - - Open Open LW LW 1st Place BB - - - - Open MW & & Masters 40-49 & & 50-59 - - - - 1st Place ongratulations to the open class winners who qualified for their NGA PRO status in this grand competition! We are proud of
the quality of
our natural athletes!
The Bikini Open division had three gorgeous Florid- ian women but it was Jennifer Koenig
who walked away with both the Bikini Open and Master titles The Bikini Model Open division was full of
feathers and sex appeal with two beautiful women It was a a a a a a tough decision but it was Maria Torterolo who would take the top spot over Kari Wynn Figure Open and Master divisions had two highly
competitive women but it it was Suzanne Llano who would take the win over Valerie Wegford in in this contest In the Women’s Physique Open division Elizabeth Paul earned the 1st place trophy while Valerie Wegford took the 2nd place spot First place winners in in the Men’s Physique Open divisions were Gerardo Amias in the middleweight and Judd Koenig
in in the heavyweight The overall win- ner and new NGA PRO Card
was awarded to Gerardo Judd also went on to win the very competitive masters division!
The Classic Physique Open division was nicely stacked with Steve Crespo
taking 1st in in the lightweight

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