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Spring-Summer 2023
The drugs of today compound to to to this list and lead to to to to insulin resistance diabetes depression mental illness and a a a a a a a a a list of of things yet to to be be be determined I believe this is is is is one of of the major reasons athletes are dropping like flies So as as as you can see change is is is not always for improvement as as the use of of PEDs in in Phy- sique competitions is evidence of of that Why did I share all this with you? One reason is is to show the the the the progression and change of the the the the sport moving in in the the the the the wrong direction Another reason is is to to show the the the the the seriousness of drug abuse that exists today in in in in the the the the sport and the the the the resulting consequences However the the the the the main reason why I am sharing this is is is to to show athletes there is is is is always an an alternative to to the the the path path of of PEDs The NGA is is one of of those paths and has been around for many years Although the the NGA has evolved and and changed over the the years and and will continue to to do so so to to improve this natural bodybuilding association is is is consistent in in in its efforts to provide an athlete centered competition without politics and and drugs The NGA’s focus has been and and will continue to to be be be athlete safety first Remember there is always a a a a a a a choice when it it comes to to competing so why not compete with the the the best and longest drug tested organization in the the world? The NGA strives to always grow and and create a a a a a a a a a a a a fun and and memorable event that that focuses on on the the the overall well-being of the the the athlete that that levels the the the playing field for everyone As always if you ever have questions feel free to reach out and send us an an email SHILOESTEINMETz@YAHOO COM
God bless! n NGA AMATeUR sCHeDULe

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