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Spring-Summer 2023
NGa Florida Florida NGa NGa Florida Florida State Natural altamonte Springs FL June 4-5 2022
Team 20/20 Nutrition
The 2nd Annual 2022
NGA NGA NGA Florida Florida PRO PRO &
NGA Florida State Natural Championships
is is in the books! This contest drew NGA PROS and amateurs from around the country and as as far away as as Paris France to be recorded as one of the largest and most talked about natural bodybuilding events of 2022
Athletes from Alaska Oregon Michigan Mary- land Wisconsin New New York New New Jersey Pennsylvania Kentucky North Carolina Virginia Texas Missouri Maryland and and from all over the State of Florida PRO Bikini - - Masters 40+
L-R: Katie Arnold Evelyn VanOrmer Lina Wilburn Brandi Young (1st Place) Anett McPhee Angela Bosch Cynthia Dunsky
came to take their shot at at becoming an NGA Florida State Champion The 2-day event was held on on on June 4th and and 5th
in in the the Grand Ballroom of of the the Hilton of of Altamonte Springs Florida This was a a a a a a a a a a a stay where athletes com- peted in in in in the the venue along with participating in in in in the the PRO Athlete Athlete Press Conference Friday night and two Athlete Athlete After-Party events following the competi- tions We were honored to have 127 athletes from from across the the NGA and from from our recognized organiza- tions around the the world On Saturday June 4 2022
there were 60 amateur athletes on stage at at at at at at the the NGA Florida State Natural 18 NGA NATURALmag

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