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Spring-Summer 2023
Promoters: Josh & Melissa Miller
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Elaina Carrera Melissa Miller
After returning from intermission it was time to recognize Jim Jim Young Young Jim Jim Young Young was a a bodybuilder that was always present at at the NGA Kentucky shows He was a a a a great supporter of all who competed from his home gym which is is Gymbo’s Fitness Center in Cincinnati Ohio A few months ago the bodybuild- ing community within the the Kentucky and southern Ohio region received the sad news that Jim Young passed away unexpectedly Because Jim Young played such a a supportive role in in supporting all competitors I decided to honor his name by naming our Inspiration Award after him which is now called the “Jim Young Inspiration Award ”
Kasey Keeney
Receiving the Jim Young Inspiration award
Jim Young had two daughters that were present at at the the the show I asked them to present the the the very first “Jim Young Inspiration Award” to the first recipient This award
is presented to the person who has overcome great odds in life This first recipient was presented to Kasey Keeney
whose story is on page 39 After the the presentation of the the Jim Young Inspiration Award it was now time for the award
ceremony There was a a a a a total of 11 NGA PRO Card recipients at this event:
Elaina Carrera Bikini - Open
Adrienne Southerland Figure -& Physique - - Open

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