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Spring-Summer 2023
PRO/AM Green Bay Championships
NGa Promoters: hardscapeoasis@gmail com
Rev Warren I Egebo ufta567@gmail com
www naturalphillybodybuilding com
PRO Card was was Monika Allen She had been in in the 2021 show and this was was a a a a a a a a a a a reward for her her hard work in in in her her second year of competition in in in in the the NGA Green Bay Paul Hadler
In the the Bodybuilding Open Lightweight class the the 1st place place spot spot and winning his NGA PRO Card was Jon Forshier In the 2nd through 5th place place spots in in in order
show Placements in in in order
2nd through 5th in in in the the Figure Figure Open division were Molly Tynan Jaimie Parrett Camille Sowly and Lindsay Bencher The The Figure Figure Figure 40+ winner winner was was Monika Allen The The Figure Figure Novice winner winner was was Jaimie Parrett The Men’s Physique Open Lightweight winner and and receiving his his NGA PRO Card was was Orlando Anderson from from Green Bay He also was was much improved from from his his first competition in in 2021 The 2nd through 5th place in in Men’s Physique Open Lightweight class were Juan Ramirez Chris Brandenburg Nick Houser and and Leigh- ton Serrano The The Men’s Physique Open MW winner winner was Josef Kleba of Neenah WI The The Overall winner winner winner and Open Heavyweight winner winner who received his NGA PRO Card at the the the show was the the the very symmetrical Benedick
from the the the University of Green Bay The runner- up up was Brandon Baker who again came back a a a a a a a a a a a a a second year with with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a stupendous six pack The Men’s Physique Novice division was won by Juan Ramirez with with Nick Hooser taking the 2nd place position The Classic Physique division was one of of the the the most competitive of of the the the afternoon finals Winning the the the Open Lightweight and his his NGA PRO Card on on on on on his his first competition was was the inspirational Carson Molle from Seymour WI He was was followed in in order
by Jon Forshier Nick Hooser Jacob Hospelhorn Juan Ramirez and Leighton Serrano The Open Middleweight winner was Matt Kline a a a a a a a a seasoned competitor from Chicago followed by Josef Kieba The Classic Physique Open Heavyweight winner for a a a a a a a a a a a second year in in a a a a a a a a a a a row was Dayshawn Taylor
followed by William Tess were Jacob Hospelhorn Nick Hooser Juan Ramirez and Leighton Serrano The Men’s Bodybuilding Open Middleweight win- ner was was was Matt Kline in in in in in 2nd place place was was was Andrew Wood- ard and in in in in 3rd place place was was was Josef Kleba The Open Light Heavyweight class winner all the way from Florida was Sean Maloney followed by William Tess Winning his NGA PRO Card for for the Overall and Heavyweight class was former Green Bay Blizzards Football player Dayshawn Taylor
The runner-up in in the Heavyweight Open Bodybuilding class was big Wayland Weiler from Stevens Point WI The Men’s Bodybuilding Masters winner was Jon Forshier followed by David Wilkerson Dave also won the the the Grandmaster’s Bodybuilding trophy Andrew Woodard all the the the way from Tennessee won the the the Body- building Novice class followed by first-time competi- tors Juan Ramirez and Nick Hooser The show was promoted by Rev Warren Egebo of of Green Bay and NGA PRO Master Bodybuilder Paul Paul Hadler
of of of Gastonia NC Acoustical Guitar Rocker Paul Paul Hannah of of Green Bay performed the the the National Anthem to open the the the the show followed by Paul Hadler’s very enter- taining posing routine An after party was held at the the St Brenden’s Hotel in in in in in in downtown Green Bay where Paul Hadler
also entertained The The 2023
show will be back at at at the Meyer Theatre in in Green Bay and is slated for May 6th 2023
n Photos by: Rosebud Photography

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