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Fall 2016
Birmingham Alabama - July 9 2016
Left : Darryle Lee - Pro BB Master winner
David Weinstock - Pro BB Grand Master winner
Chris Tippins - MW BB & Overall winner
new NGA Pro Center:
Fifty outstanding men men and and and women athletes came from Georgia Florida Tennessee Mississippi Louisiana Ken-
tucky Illinois Texas and Alabama to vie for Neils Andersen Sculptured trophies and NGA Pro Cards at the ninth annual 2016
NGA ‘Old Navy’ Natural Bodybuilding Figure Phy- sique and Bikini Classic - Super Pro Qualifier and the fourth annual NGA ‘Old Navy’ Natu- ral Master Master Pro Pro Bodybuilding and Master Master Pro Pro Figure Classic in in Birmingham Alabama The athletes were pleased as as we we returned to to Birmingham for the sixth year to Homewood
High School with its great stage sound system and and dramatic lighting the the the pump up area the the the back stage refreshments and and their 2016
NGA “Old Navy’ Classic sports bag with the the official 2016
show t-shirt and a a a a a a Snickers bar The contest started on
time and ran smoothly It was a a a a a a a a a a “competitor’s show ” run by competitors who know what athletes want and need Many of the the competitors were repeat contestants from last year year and many said they would like to to come back next year year for the the 10th annual 2017 2017 NGA ‘Old Navy’ Natural Pro/Am Classic on
July 8 2017 2017 Oth- ers said they would encourage their competitor friends to to join them on
stage As always it it was a a a a a a a a a fun show show And next year’s 10th Anniversary show show will be be our best competition ever In addition to the NGA ‘Old Navy’ Open amateur show seven Master Pro bodybuilders 18 NGA NATURAL mag
NGA‘Old Navy’ Natural Pro/AmBodybuilding Figure Pro 

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