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5 Tips for
4 Journalize and become your own writer PAUSE! Just think of how good you you you feel when you you you look look at photos photos photos from high school and and look look and and compare those photos photos photos to to to to your first contest photos photos photos I bet you you feel the energy already Staying Motivated
5 Reward thyself If you you you are like me me you you you may never think of rewarding yourself yourself To not be confused with doing something for
yourself yourself yourself such as go out to to to to a a a a a a a nice place to to to to eat or
seeing the latest movie rewarding yourself yourself yourself is to to to to plan to to to to give yourself yourself a a a a a a a a a special treat something that that you you you you you almost never do Now that that you you you you you know know the rules only you you you you you know know what a a a “REWARD” looks like to you you To Compete
For more information on on on this article contact Benjamin Apollos at at (844) 885–5433 By BENJAMIN APOLLOS M M M M DIv MCPT BA AA NGA PROMOTER GA GA BENJAMINAPOLLOS@GMAIL COM
1 Make a a a a a a permanent decision that this is is is a a a a a a LIFESTYLE for
LIFE change!
Being fit is is is a a a a a a a a way of life life and being in in in in contest shape at all times is is is a a a a a a a a a a a commitment for
life! Don’t start exercising under the the the assumption you you can do it it for
a a a a a a a a few months get the the the the results you you you want and and then stop Enter into this new phase of your life life with the the the understanding that it it is is s s s s s s s s s s s a a a a a a a a FOREVER lifestyle change Resolve to to stay in in in contest shape Now that Andy Bostinto (President & Founder of the NGA) has created platforms for
us us to to to compete well into our 70s Hence we we have no excuse for
“slacking ” 2 Embrace the NEW YOU!
You are a a a a a a a new creature now set aside with God given talents and opportunities that people will envy for
the the rest of of your life! Focus on on the the the benefits of of working out how great you you you you feel and the the energy you you you you have Don’t ever use exercise as punishment or
you you you will start to avoid it!
3 At First set immediately attainable goals Resolve first not to get distracted or
off track Set short attainable goals such as in in in in 6
months months I will compete in in in in the the All All City Championship Championship and in in in in 12 months months the the All All Region Championships Also be be sure to visit www neogenematrix com and learn how using your genetic blueprint is is the the end all all be be all all to perfect perfect health and the the perfect perfect competitive body Master’s Degree in in Psychology & Counseling Licensed Clinical Counselor Retired Army Chaplain U S Marine War Veteran Certified Master Fitness Instructor Certified Personal Trainer 32 Year fitness professional Trained over 18 000 clients Mr Florida All Natural Overall Champion California State Champion Armed Force West Coast Overall Champion U S Armed Forces National Champion Pacific USA Champion Mr San Diego Champion Bodybuilder of the Year One of the World’s Best Personal Trainers (LIFE FITNESS and PTONTHENET) NGA Professional Bodybuilder 20 NGA NATURAL mag

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