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Fall 2016
Heavy or Light: A A A Misnomer
The The world has has become become complicated and and and people have have become become more more opinionated then they were in simpler days This has caused division among societies that leads to all sorts of evil The The truth is that if we we looked past our pride and and tried to understand each other we we would
discover that we we have more in common than we we realize Bodybuilding is is no no different different when it it it comes to taking sides With so many different different opinions out there it it it is is is no no wonder that the the the same arguments persist through the the the ages Some Some experts say say say say train train heavy some some say say say say train train light Some Some say say say say low volume volume and some some say say say say high volume volume Others claim that that that this exercise exercise is is is is is is is better than that that that exercise exercise But who who is is is is is is is really right right and and who who is is is is is is is wrong? The fact is is is is is is is that that that at at at at the the the end of the the the day you you are are all all all right right and and you you are are all all all wrong wrong To find the the the the most effective ‘formula’ one must learn to think outside the the box “Using no no way way as as a a a a a a a a a way way having no no limitation limitation as as limitation limitation ”-BruceLee TaoofJeetKuneDo
One major error I see in in in body- building opinion is the sub- ject of of recovery I have never heard any any of of the so called
‘experts’ discuss anything beyond that which pertains to muscle recovery As a a a a chiro- practor my training made me well aware
of joints and and connec- tive tissue and and how they are intimately involved in in in in in training Have you ever heard about the the cashier who after years at the the cash cash register develops car-
pal tunnel syndrome? This occurs as a a a a a a a result of repetitive
use accumulative trauma How
much more will these structures be compromised over time by weight training?
When you sprain an an an ankle how long does it take to heal? A minimum of 6
– 8 weeks right? Joint and and other connective tissue have poor blood supplies and and there- fore fore slower ‘healing’ times Skeletal muscle has a a a a a a a a rich blood supply therefore after a a a a a a a a a a severe bicep workout the the muscle is recovered or or or ‘healed’ enough to to train again in in in five to seven days For this reason it it is is imperative without exception that all weight trainees implement a a a a a a a a a a heavy/light ‘active rest’ protocol that utilizes a a a a a a a a a a a variety of different movements
into their training This application insures that while the the muscles are always
trained hard joints and connec- tive tissues are taken into con-
sideration in in terms of their slower recovery rate Only after this con-
cept is is understood
and embraced will the the trainee then push past previ- ous sticking points un-impeded towards reaching their goals and do so while greatly minimizing the risk
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