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Winter 2017 The Natural
o you ever feel like you’ve just driven yourself into a brick wall and have no clue how to get around it? Have you
ffever walked into a gym and just felt totally lost about what to do? Have you been working out for eons with little, or no results either in strength or body composition?
To stop treading water with your training and to get around your walls, you must develop a plan. Once you develop a plan and implement it, you need to keep a record to see if it’s working. If it’s not working, you need to figure out what’s not working and try to fix it. This is impossible if you don’t know what you’ve been doing, so it is imperative you keep a record. Keeping a training record or log may seem like a pain, but I cannot over- state its importance in obtaining the results you want. It is not only a record of your past workouts, it’s a roadmap to future workouts. It keeps you focused. It records suc- cesses and failures giving you an invaluable means of correcting problems.
In developing a plan, the first thing you must realize
is that you cannot approach training with the idea of lifting as much weight as you can all the time. you must employ what is called periodization, or cycling, to your training. In short, you must include periods of light, me- dium, and heavy workouts in addition to rest throughout your training year. yes, I said year! you shouldn’t expect to pick up a basketball for the first time, shoot a few shots, then go blow Lebron James off the court. It takes time to learn the game. Practice it and improve. The same applies to your training. Results take time, hard work, and patience.
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