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Winter 2017
“It’s Only Difficult, Until You Get Better!”
Idare you to find a better motivational quote than this one, with one catch, its applica- tion must have no boundaries and it must be 100% dependent on what you decide to do. you can either keep grinding, or you can choose to give up.
My shift from BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, to Center Stage, began at the advent of my 46th birthday when one look in the mirror made me realize that I had settled for mediocrity. In my mind, mediocrity takes zero effort to achieve. That has gotten me to think about changes. Not in the classic evolutionary way, rather in the revolutionary way.
Revolution meaning change, only faster.
Now, as I sit at the doorstep of my 50th birthday, with a shredded birthday suit might I add, I can’t help but shout out loud, “I went from BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, to CENTER STAGE”.
The reality is that, what you see today was always there. It just needed a commitment to consistent lifting, clean eating, and mental adjustment to reveal itself.
Top it off by doing it naturally makes it that much more rewarding.
My lifting and nutrition plans are no secret to the world. Lift six days a week, eat clean seven days a week, repeat for 365 days a year, and stay natural for life. It’s simple, consist- ent, and effective.
The chronological aging process, as relates to physiques for men, looks something like this:
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