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Winter 2017
A slight adjustment in lifestyle, combined with focus and determination is all I needed to buck the trend. In case you missed its signiicance, the igure surrounded by the red oval is a representative of me at 46.
This is not about defying age, genetics, or science iction. It’s about deciding to act, setting a target, crushing that target, and to continuously compete against yourself to deliver the best you that there can be at any age. It’s about a commitment to a lifestyle that is sustainable. Side efects may include more energy and stamina, alongside with the obvious health beneits earned exclusively through natural means.
If you are up to it, and don’t mind showing of your progress in something as close to your birthday suit as possible; you may even have a chance to own center-stage!
So, stop the BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, rev the engine, throw it in gear, and burn the rubber to your transformation. The NGA is a great place to seek guidance from the beginning of day one in your transformation, to Center Stage if you’re up to it.
HINT: Don’t wait until your 46th birthday. And if you do, that’s OK. It’s never too late to make a change. n
Kica Loliyong is a former US Marine, itness enthusiast, and natural bodybuilding competitor. At the tender
age of 47, he started competing in the Men’s Physique division as an amateur. He earned his pro card in the National Gym Association (NGA) 10 days after his 48th birthday and competes in both the open and master’s classes in exclusively natural bodybuilding organizations. Along the way, he has met and competed against many wonderful individuals of all ages who embrace the same motivation and lifestyle. When not lifting, or competing, he works as a Vice President of New Business Development and Marketing for a Baltimore based irm. and instagram, @blacdome

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