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Winter 2017
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Letter from the Editor
Happy New Year! On behalf of of the NGA family and myself I hope that all of of you you you your families and friends had a a a a a a joyous holiday season Last year year was a a a a a a a year year of changes and growth within the NGA We introduced new divisions made changes to
our bylaws for the the betterment of the the athletes had our first experience of streaming a a a a a show at the NGA Pro/Am Universe and of of course our our inaugural issue of of the NGA NATURAL mag With the the the start of the the the new new year many people take the the the time to
set new new goals
for themselves A goal that you may want to
consider is getting more involved in in in the the natural natural bodybuilding movement One of the the great things about natural natural bodybuilding is is the commitment of athletes to
making this small community special Athletes frequently ask how they can become more involved in in the the NGA There are many avenues including: becoming a a a a judge expediting security contributing articles for this magazine and many more areas What could be be better than a a a a a new new year with new new adventures thrown in? Any- one interested in in in in getting involved with the NGA NGA please contact NGA NGA President Andy Bostinto
at (954) 344-8410 or contact your nearest promoter I hope that 2017
has gotten off to
a a a a a a a great start for you you and your family As always I welcome your comments questions and and feedback and and can be reached at at nga@nationalgym com Francine Bostinto
NGA Vice President NGA NATURAL Mag is is published 3 3 3 times a a a a a year by Precious Words DBA Parkland FL 33067 Reproduction of editorial or or or pictorial content in any manner is prohibited Copyright © 2016 NGA NATURAL Mag All rights reserved Disclaimer: Reader discretion is is is is is advised Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or or diet program or when making changes in in in an an an existing program if you you have any doubts about your health status NGA NATURAL Mag accepts no liability expressed or or or implied for any products or or or programs contained within 4 NGA NATURAL mag 

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