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Winter 2017
taBLe oF CoNteNts
NGa NaturaL mag
“the oldest natural and most reputable bodybuilding organization established in 1979.”
— Andrew Bostinto, President & Founder, The National Gym Association, Inc.
Cover story
ultimate Fitness NGa
Certiication in thailand
By Dr. Christoph Klueppel
First On-Site NGA Certiication Program in Thialand. 28
the Natural Way! Lost in the Gym
By Mike Hamill
Developing a plan for your training. 24
Beauty and the Beast
By Terri Whitsel
A fairytale comes true. 18
5 reasons to reconsider Cheat
Days During Contest Prep
By Peter Fitschen
Should you or shouldn’t you? 44
the Pelvic tilt
By Dr. Nicholas M. Licameli, PT, DPT
The foundation to optimal movement and performance. 22
vitamin e for excellence
By Dr. Christoph Klueppel
All you need to know about
this supplement. 32
Power Foods
By Josh Miller
Building that perfect physique. 48
Why stretch?
By Peter Nielsen
Top 10 Health Beneits. 6
Motivation for the Natural Bodybuilder
By Paul Desimone
There is no limit. 10
Momentary Muscular
Failure vs. intensity
By Mark Pacheco
he greater the intensity, the greater
the muscle stimulation. 12
How to Become a sponsored athlete
By Paula Franklin
Five recommended steps 36
Mental readiness
By Kennett Washington
Reverse the efects of aging
on your brain. 46
FeatureD atHLetes travis “Featherhawk” snyder
By Terri Whitsel 8 From Preemie to Muscle Man
By Rev. Warren Egebo 20 Pushing Fifty
By Kica Loliyong 34
Mike “Brocman” ives
Warrior Spirit Award
By Bill Mora 42
testimonial from an NGa Competitor
By Michelle Sagely 50 NGa sHoWs
2016 Pro/am NGa east Coast
Natural Championships
By Terri Whitsel
State College, PA 14
2016 NGa Pro/am Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships
By Josh Miller
Lexington, KY 26
2016 NGa Pre/am Natural Peoria Championships
By Jonathan Aggen
Peoria, IL 38 2016 NGa Pro/am universe &
american Natural Championships
By Earl “The Pearl” Snyder
Coral Springs, FL 52
eaCH issue
CoNtest resuLts
NGa Contest results
August–November 2016 62 Letter from the editor
By Francine Bostinto 4 NGa 2017 schedules 69
Hall of Fame inductee pg. 52
NGa Certiication in thailand pg. 28
Beauty and the Beast pg. 18
oN tHe Cover
Model: Natasha Crowther, NGA Pro Bikini Photo by: Roger Lister
Cover Design by: Lana B. Callahan

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