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Spring/Summer 2017
Your Next Competition Don’t Just Roll the Dice
2X 2X 2X MR UNIVERSE- SPAIN & FRANCE 2X 2X 2X PRO PRO PRO PRO WORLD WORLD 2X 2X 2X PRO PRO PRO PRO MASTER WORLD WORLD NPC NPC NATIONAL CHAMP CHAMP – – – 1ST 1ST 3X TEAM UNIVERSE UNIVERSE WINNER NPC NPC USA CHAMP CHAMP – – – 1ST 1ST COMPETED ALL OVER OVER THE WORLD – – OVER OVER 15 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES EARLPEARLSNYDER@LIVE COM COM COM WWW NGAEASTCOASTNATURAL COM COM COM “Choosey People Choose Choose Jiff” remember that? Competing for over over 30 years all over over the the world in in so many different organizations I have learned the the hard way that not all shows are created equal!
It is okay to be choosey The very first thing to con- sider is “what organization am I going to to compete in in ” Check to to to see what the organization has to to offer If they don’t have a a a a a lot of of shows to compete in in then be cautious of of entering Look at the the number of o shows an an organization offers If there are are not many shows or they are are in a a a a a a small radius this does not give you very much opportunity to use your membership card or gain the experi- ence that you need You spend so much time energy and effort with diet-
ing ing food prep training cardio and not even to to to mention the cash to to to prepare yourself to to to to compete Therefore you you you want an an an an opportunity to to get as as much much expo-
sure and advance your competition level as as as much much as as as possible If you you are a a a a a a a a a a a competitor that does not have much experience look to to see if the show has a a a a a a debut
or or novice division There are some shows that do not allow you you you to cross over The The more more stage time you you you get at at a a a a a a a a a a show the better you you you become by gaining more more expe-
rience There are many organizations that that just put on on on shows shows to compete in and that’s it Look at at at at at the the the organization’s shows shows that that help the the the the athletes obtain their goals and make the the the the competitors feel impor- tant Another consideration is to see how much stage time you get while competing There are some shows that rush the competitors thru
quickly This is is not fair to to the athletes Again you work so hard to display what you have When a a a a a a show rushes the athletes on on stage it is an indica- tion that the promoter is is worrying about about what time they finish not about about running a a a quality show for the benefit of you you your family and supporters When choosing a a a show look at at the the the structure of the the the organiza- tion tion Do the the the athletes have access to the the rules and regulations? How long is my membership membership good good for? Some organiza- tions’ memberships are only good good till the the the end of the the the current year This is is not fair to the the the the ones that compete in the the the the fall Whereas some organizations’ memberships are are good for one year from the the the time they are are purchased If 12

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