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Spring/Summer 2017
On the the 25th of March athletes from around
the mountain states region including
Utah Wyoming and Idaho gathered at at Layton High School
to battle for the oldest and most coveted title in Utah The NGA Mr and Ms Natural Utah and an an opportunity
to earn their NGA Pro
Card These athletes had
trained long and hard during the winter to to get ready to to compete in bodybuild- ing physique figure and bikini catego- ries Now it was time to display their hard work in in front of of hundreds of of adoring fans friends and families First on stage would be the Teen Bodybuild- ers showing the crowd that even teens can gain significant muscle with hard work and dedica- tion while staying natural and drug free On this night it would would be Remington Preece who would would take home the title of Mr Teen Bodybuilding Utah Not to be outdone the Teen Physique athletes adorned the stage next and were an an an instant crowd pleaser Not as as as bulky and muscular as as as their bodybuilding counterparts their athletic and symmetric bodies showed just how how attainable a a a a nice physique can be for anyone willing to put in in the work Devin West would beat out his competi- tion and claim the title of NGA Mr Teen Physique Utah Next up and the category which is quickly becoming the the most popular is the the Bikini These ladies showed that they too are athletes and put in just as as much hard work as as all the the other athletes in in the the competition Vying for the the title of NGA Ms Bikini Utah and a a a a a certificate for a a a a a free posing suit from Dragon Fly Swimwear these ladies battled hard and when the dust settled it would be Traci Andreason who took home the title and an an NGA Pro
Card As the bikini athletes were battling
on stage the physique men were pumping up backstage and preparing to to go head-to-head for their chance at the the NGA Mr Physique Utah as well
March 25 2017
• Clearfield UT
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