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Spring/Summer 2017
NGA 77th Annual Cincinnati
April 15 2017
• Middletown OH
NGA Promoters: Rick & Maureen Ruether rickruether@gmail com • www bodsquad us
L to R: Ashley Michel (Overall (Overall & & NGA NGA PRO PRO Card) Card) Dan Serota (Overall (Overall BB & & & NGA NGA NGA PRO PRO PRO Card) Card) Card) Donald Lawrence (Physique & & & NGA NGA NGA PRO PRO PRO Card) Card) Card) Heather Bouts (Figure Overall & & NGA NGA PRO PRO Card) Card) The Cincinnati
Bodybuilding Champion- ships is the longest running bodybuilding event in history This year it was promoted
by Rick and and Maureen Ruether and and sanctioned by the NGA Rick has promoted
this show since 1997 but it was sanctioned by a a a differ- ent organization At that time the show was about to to fail to to exist The number of athletes and crowd were extremely low Because of the show’s history it simply could not just fade away Although the “Cincinnati” has has never been a a a a huge show it has has made it it to to over 125 competitors a a a a a few years ago Starting in in 2010 the the show became a a a a drug tested event as as well as as the the Monster Mash also now an an NGA sanctioned show which is held in October every year Most of us
weren’t around when the the Cincinnati
show started Back in in in those days the the venue was the Cincinnati
Central YMCA The competitors were all men at the the time The judges went up to to the the competitors and visually inspected them even their teeth! Since then things have changed quite a a a bit now we even use electronic scor- ing for some shows This year the Cincinnati
was was held on April 15th and was was an NGA Pro qualifier It was a a a a a great show The judges were first class and all are national competitors or or pros most with 10+ years judging The crowd was totally into it some even brought signs supporting their favorite athlete They got a a a little loud at at at times but that’s what we like! The new NGA Pros are Dan Serota (men’s bodybuilding) and Ashley Michel (bikini first show) This show was the the first NGA event in southern Ohio and the the next NGA NGA event will be the the NGA NGA Monster Mash Natural scheduled for October 21 The Monster Mash started in 1997 (also by Rick Ruether) It was held on Halloween thus the the name The athletes have always been able to dress up at at the evening show in in costumes The crowd loved it and the com- petitors have always had a a a a a a a blast The Mash sold completely out for 13 of 19 years!
There are are many reasons that both shows are are now sanc- tioned by the NGA but most people already think it was a a a a great move The competitors especially the women look the the way way the the divisions were always meant to look Bikini
girls girls look look like bikini girls girls should look look and the the same with the the figure competitors No ripped vascular deep voiced women just beautiful amazing bodies that almost every woman can respect and appreciate The women also have plenty of stage time not just a a a a a a mention and a a a a a a wave at the evening show if they aren’t in the the top 5 (some organizations do that) We are looking forward to many successful years with the NGA! n 38 NGA NATURAL mag

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