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Spring/Summer 2017 Spring/Summer 2017 some Protein Facts
NGA EDUCATION DIRECTOR FOR SOUTH EAST ASIA ULTIMATE ULTIMATE FITNESS FITNESS ACADEMY (THAILAND) WWW ULTIMATEFITNESSTHAILAND ULTIMATEFITNESSTHAILAND COM COM CHRIS@ULTIMATEFITNESSTHAILAND COM COM Protein makes up nearly half of of the the dry weight of of the the human body and are constantly being replaced Except for the water component protein represents 98-99% of the skeletal muscles Research indicates that exercise of either long duration high volume or high intensity increases the protein requirements of athletes athletes in fact athletes athletes may require between 23-178% more protein than average people!
The longer or or or harder an an athlete trains the more important dietary protein becomes to maximizing the muscles’
repair and building process As training breaks down muscle muscle proteins muscles require adequate protein intake to be used for repair and rebuilding When there is not sufficient protein available
for these processes exercise will keep continuously breaking down muscle tissue and the athlete will end up losing valuable muscle tissue (catabolic state) Weight-training athletes who con- siderably increased their intake of dietary protein were found to to be able
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