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Fall 2017
Aaron Sing
Physique - Open
NGA Pro Card Winner
The 2nd Annual Mr & Ms Natural Santa Santa Rosa commenced on Saturday May 13 2017
at the luxurious Finley Community Cen-
ter in Santa Rosa California This year’s show featured a a a a dynamic pairing between fitness and art art The art art exhibit displayed at this show focused on fitness and weightlifting as a a a high- light of the Natural Bodybuilding competition as as well as as to its host and sponsorship in the city the National Gym Association May 13 2017
Santa Rosa CA
In the the lobby entrance there was a a a a a a a beautiful glass display of bodybuilding trophies and medal- lions designed by the the the artist Niels Andersen Along the the the hallways in in route towards the the the competition’s registration was an original framed watercolor painting that adorned the the walls which featured various aspects of of of the the the the sport of of of bodybuilding David David Roman Roman the the the the creator of of of David David Roman Roman Art the the the the main artist featured in in in in the the the competition painted a a a a a a a a a a a a a a water color portrait of last year’s winners Ashley Casimiro (figure) Ace Baldwin (bodybuilding) and Ana Carde- nas (bikini) which was displayed on an an easel in in in in the the entrée’ towards the auditorium The show began with a a a a a a surprise rendition of the the National Anthem sung by our own NGA California Chairman Johnny “The Motivator” Carrero whose knowledge assistance and and encouragement is is well respected and and appreciated within the the the NGA Follow- ing
this was the the the the kick off to to the the the the show which began with with the the the the the Masters Bodybuilding competitors who graced the the the the the stage with with their impressive physiques and set the the the the tone for the the the the audience’s thunderous cheers One special highlight of of the the competition was learning about each of of the the the the the competitors through their bios that were read to to the the the the the audience as as they entered upon the the the the the stage This part part was particularly enjoyable because it allowed the the the the audience to learn about each of of of them outside of of of the the the the sport of of of body- building as as well as as how how they were introduced into the the the the sport As a a a a a a a a show show promoter my communications with the the the athletes before and and after the the the show show are cherished and and I am am fortunate to be be a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a part of of such an an an an amazing group of of people who can can demonstrate that dreams can can be be actualized and become the reality that is desired This year’s competition brought with it it it a a a a a a pulse of of determination a a a a a a a a sense of humor and and sportsman- ship The The competitors were respectful and and and gracious to to to me the the volunteers and and to to to one another Their
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