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Fall 2017
When is is the Best Time to Exercise?
CHIEF ExECUTIvE OFFICER AT AT AT WWW PETERSPRINCIPLES COM OPERATING PARTNER AT AT AT CLEAN PLANET FOODS PETER@PETERSPRINCIPLES COM Many people who exercise want to to utilize their their time efficiently and get the the most out of their sessions
Identifying the best time to begin and end your workout session will not only help you you to achieve your weight loss goals it will also help you you to get results faster in in shorter increments of time It doesn’t matter if a a a a person is is an athlete or is is simply working out out to stay fit maximizing the workout ses- sion is of prime importance There are several studies that provide some direc- tion in in deciding on on when the best time of day is to exercise There are are various peak periods in in the the course of the the day that are are optimal for for burning fat at at at at higher rates and faster speeds as as as well as as as for for building muscles Time is just one factor that may affect the the results of your workout performance However there are many other factors like the the the the intensity and duration of the the the the exercise which play a a a a a a a a very important role when deter- mining the the the best best time time to to work work out out Based on research the the the best best time time to to work work out out is in in in in the the the morning When you you exercise in in in the morning your body tends to burn more fat The following are some rea- sons why this is is the case:
• Low blood sugar levels force the body to look for for 18 NGA NATURAL mag

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