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Fall 2017
Karen Stervant Zoe Rodriguez Theresa Hursey Marina Chmykhalo Vanorah DeVaughn Cheryl Schumaker Kim Griffith Shari Wescott Claudia Cedeno Denna Yancy Kriston Lloyd
May 20 20 2017
Upper Marlboro MD
NGA Promoter: Tanya Wells
studio10irongirlz@gmail com com www studio10classic com com STUDIO10 IRON GIRLz Makes its Debut on Stage
On May 20 20 2017
came a a a a a a booming NGA bang with the the the launch of of STUDIO10 IRON GIRLz Classic under the the the guise of of the the the new Washington DC based promoter Tanya L Wells
This competition was an NGA NGA Natural drug-free ALL FEMALE event featuring the NGA NGA traditional divi- sions of Women’s Women’s Bodybuilding Women’s Women’s Physique Figure Bikini Bikini and and the new fan favorite and and NGA class of Bikini Bikini Model
featuring an an an an Angels Category This spectacular event was hailed as as as Victoria’s Secret Runway Meets Natural Bodybuilding Additionally this Washington DC pro qualifier showstopper was was the the first of its kind to to to hit the the nation’s capital and was was tweeted about for days later STUDIO10 IRON GIRLz Classic competition fea- tured the the the following classes: Debut-for the the the new athlete whom never competed competed Novice-for the the the competitor that competed competed but hadn’t placed in in in a a a a a a a a class Open-the prequalifying category in in in in which the the competitor must win to to to qualify qualify to to to compete for for an NGA Pro Card And two Masters classes-for those 35 and and and over over and and and 55 and and and over over With all this action com- com- petition was stiff but the show resulted in in newcom- ers Bikini Open athlete Claudia 22 NGA NATURAL mag
Cedeno and Figure Open athlete Kim Griffith earn- ing their NGA Pro Cards!
”Way to Go Ladies!”
Tanya Wells
Promoter This show was a a a hit not just for for the the competitors but also for for the the vendors The STUDIO10 IRON GIRLz Classic ushered in in in an an an overwhelming outpouring of support and and onsite onsite vendor attendance
for over 21 sponsors and and and 16 onsite onsite business vendors from around the Washington DC Virginia and and and Mary- land metropolitan areas One of the the unexpected sponsorships was given by the the supplement company Egg White Interna- tional who not only gave gave away away product discounts and free apparel but also gave gave away away a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Spokesmodel contract to all of the ladies who competed in in this show The sponsorship included free products and photoshoots for the entire group of athletes This is is what you call a a a win-win!
Other noted sponsors who came to to support the the the show and its competitors were the the the mega health
NGA Studio10 “IRON GIRLz” Classic 

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