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Fall 2017
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Theresa Hursey Marina Chmykhalo Claudia Cedena Zoe Rodriguez DennaYancey
Denna Yancey
Bikini Model
franchise giant Vitamin Shoppe Gold’s Gym Gym H-E-L-O Fitness Wear- able Wrist bands Gym Gym Lunatics First 1St Apparel and and Regina
Perez South Carolina competitor turned sports apparel entrepre- neur debuted her BEAUTY-N- BEASTMODE women’s apparel This established beauty with a a a a a a a a a mega social media following dazzled the attendees with her charm beauty and fashionable clothing Supporting promoters from other organizations also came out to to to to give their support to to to to the the the the com- petitors and and to to to to the the the show itself as as it it it it was a a a a a a a a first and and a a a a a a a a hit among many With the social media buzz and beautiful natural athletes that graced the NGA STUDIO10 IRON GIRLz Classic stage this Washing- ton DC show became the the talk of the the the town and is sure to to to grow in in stature in in the the nation’s capital! n n n n n n n NGA NATURAL mag

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