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Fall 2017
June 30 2017
• Folsom CA
Photo Credit: Carl Thygesen
On June 20 20 20 2017
some spectacular ath- letes came together to to showcase the the grueling work they put into their bodies The 2017
NGA Natural Mr and Ms California
Championships a a a a contest dedicated to fallen officers and first responders is a a show like none other In the Masters Bodybuilding class Ralph Allen placed 3rd Joe Palomo came in in fin 2nd and 1st place place was awarded to to to a a a a a a a a a a a a a person whose definition is hard to to to match Scotty Warden who who took the the title as as as the the NGA Natural Mr Masters California
In the the Physique Masters class Pete McGuinness placed 3rd Shannon Anderson came in in 2nd and the the 1st place place award went to someone whose preparation is always stellar Robert Matthews who who won the the title of NGA Natural Mr Physique Masters California
In the Open Figure class 3rd place place was awarded to to Ginger McGuinness 2nd place place place went went to to to to Yemia Hashi- moto and a a a a a a a very close 1st place place finish went went to to to Jenni- fer Sansone In the the Figure Masters class (50 and up) there were
Fatima Machado
Bikini - Open NGA Pro Card & Overall Winner
two contestants The 2nd place award went to Terry Thompson whose beautiful legs were
eye catching and 1st place went to to to Lucinda Witte who who brought to to to the the the stage a a a a a a a a a a a well put together package Both of these awesome ladies proved in in this show that age age age is is nothing but a a a number Next was was the the Physique Open Class A
This class was was tough to to to to judge due to to to to the the high caliber of con- testants The 6th place finish went to to to to to a a a a a a a first-time competitor whose nice physique graced the stage Simar Dhaliwal The 5th place win went to to Pardeep Singh who could check this event off his his bucket list Next was 4th place with Robert Matthews taking the the the win Tony Choe another first timer to look out for in in in fin future shows placed 3rd and the the 2nd place place finish went to Jaime Perez which was decided by a a a a a a a a a 1-point difference And finally the Physique Class A
1st place winner went to Silas Hopkins In Physique Class B the 5th place place title went went to to Pete McGuinness The 4th place place place finish went went to to Shannon Anderson followed by Rob Laird who who placed placed 3rd Erik Kohler who who who placed placed at 2nd received the the roars of of the the the crowd who who loved him because of of his amazing transformation Yet it was the the the fun and jaw-dropping routines of Shaun Hayes that warranted him the the 1st place Physique Class B title title The Overall title title and NGA Pro Card winner in in this category was a a a a a a a a a a close match at at at 36 NGA NATURAL mag
NGA Natural Mr & Ms 

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