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Fall 2017
This is is how you assess an an individual’s squat stance Contrary to popular belief squats are executed in in in in a a a a a a a a a way in in in in which every muscle in in in in the body is contracted leading with your glutes and slowly moving to break the 90 degree angle pressing up with with control pausing without locking your knees and then repeating the the the same movement again The knees knees should never pass the the the the the metatarsal head Most people lead with their knees knees but but by doing so the the the the weight distribution is is going straight to the the the knee knee joint and that can have a a a a a a a a damaging effect Another point of concern is is that there are are many people who
are are trying to do exercises on on equip- ment that it’s not made made for for This must be forbidden Exercise machines are made made with the correct angles in in in in in in order to place joints in in in in in in a a a a a a a a safe position However by creating your own exercises or or or doing them on on on equipment that it’s not made for places additional
The Smith machine is NOT designed for squatting!
stress on on your muscles and joints As a a a a result this is is is not only ineffective but quite hazardous One such example of how exercise equipment can be used incorrectly is is when one attempts attempts to get on on a a a a a a a a a a a Hack Squat machine backwards and then attempts attempts to to imitate a a a a a a a a a a a free-form The thought of this this is is is excru- ciating As can can be seen in in in in in the photos using this this machine incorrectly can can damage and and put unneces- sary strain on your neck back and and knees which is is risky You only get one set of of natural joints so protect and take care of of them them by by doing doing exercises that are are safe for you you to do do do as as well as as also by by doing doing them them cor- rectly! So the the next time you you you begin training a a a a a a a a new client you you must determine on on day one if if it is okay for them to squat or or if if they should not! n n n n n n NGA NATURAL mag 35

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