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mindset and and diet so stay focused on on your goals I’ve had 9 and and 13 year contest hiatuses but because of of of my my mentality of of of continuing to make fitness a a a a a a a a a a a a part of of of my my life even when I I wasn’t on on stage and compet- ing I I have always stayed about 12 weeks out out from contest shape Stay Drug Free: Do you know how many PED (performance enhancing drug) athletes I have have seen come and and go? Too many and and it didn’t have have have to be be that way Many of of them have have passed on because of of mental and/or physical health issues incarcera- tion or or or or or death which had either worsened or or or or or was induced through the the use of performance enhanc- ing drugs Hopefully you you will find these key factors help- ful ful fin in your pursuit to to to a a a a a a a a long career I give a a a a a a a a special thanks to to my my coach Shelli Jones at at Evolution Fitness in in in in in Cincinnati Ohio for modernizing my my diet and and look Also I give thanks and and blessings to to Josh Miller for bringing natural contests to to to Kentucky which is the main reason that I continue to to compete See you on on stage soon! n n n Use Proper Training Form: In today’s gyms it is very common to to see high numbers of people using improper exercise technique technique Improper technique technique is is counterproductive because it it does not fully stim- ulate the the muscles for for growth and and expansion and and it it also increases the the risk for for injuries Arnold Schwar- zenegger once said half half reps make half half muscles so never sacrifice form by adding more more weight It
is more more important to to focus on how you move the the weight weight from point A to to B versus the the amount of weight weight that you move Adequate Rest/Recovery: Remember your muscles grow when you you rest The goal should be be to to get at least 7-8 hours of o sleep and to to also have scheduled days off in in in in in your training plan Also if you you you suffer an an an injury injury let it heal If the injury injury is one you you you can’t train train around DON’T TRAIN THAT BODYPART! My rule of o thumb is to take 6 weeks off from train- ing injured areas which have done wonders for my more moderate injuries Bodybuilding Lifestyle: It’s a a a a a a way of life and not a a a a a a a a a a hobby You must balance your bodybuilding goals with life’s demands Family and and employment can can make make gym time scarce so if if all you you have is one hour to train make make it count! You can can control your NGA NATURAL mag

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