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Fall 2017
My My name is is is Marion Hall and this is is is my 30th year of competitive bodybuilding My My first experience with bodybuilding began in in 1982 During this time I had only done weightlifting for athletics but it wasn’t until I watched Conan the Barbarian in in 1984 that I caught the bodybuilding bug In 1988 I I competed in the NPC KY Derby Festival Bodybuilding Extravaganza and won the Overall in the Teenage division I later went on on to compete at at the 1989 NPC Teenage Nationals My wins had made me me a a a a a a a a a hometown favorite I was even interviewed by a a a a a a a a a a a local newspaper that shared my story on on on its front page The writer asked me me how long I I planned to to be a a a a a a a a bodybuilder At the the time I I I I was 18 years old old and obsessed with bodybuilding bodybuilding so I I I told the the reporter that I I I would be bodybuilding bodybuilding well into my 50’s I I I couldn’t foresee the 13 year hiatus from fit- ness and athletics that I I I I I would later take but I I I I I did When I I I I decided to return I I I I entered the the 2nd natu- ral bodybuilding contest ever held in in in the the State of Kentucky and won my NGA Pro Card in in in 2014 Well here I am at 48 years old and and still going strong My long tenure and and passion for the the sport has prompted me to to to share these keys to to to how I have been able to to to achieve bodybuilding longevity:
Train Hard But Smart: Gut-busting kamikaze total failure workouts are productive but can also be a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a recipe for disaster if always done Injuries and and overtraining will halt all gains and and when age along with being drug-free is is is added to your regimen burnout is is is almost inevitable It
is is is more productive to lighten the weights while you you you build so that you you you can actually feel your muscles work instead of overtraining them 48 NGA NATURAL mag

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