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Fall 2017 Fall 2017 TABLe oF CoNTeNTs
NGA NATURAL mag oN THe CoveR: Andrew Bostinto (Age 17) PHoTo By: Gebbe
CoveR By: Lana B B Callahan
Abdominal Training Tips pg 42
An An interview with Andrew Bostinto pg 30 FeATURes
CoveR sToRy
The Godfather of Natural Bodybuilding
By Terri Whitsel
An An Interview with Andrew Bostinto 30 NGA Heart of America
By John Abraham
A A Touching Story About its Origin 14
The Natural Way
By Mike Hamill
Aerobic Training Time 38 Marketing yourself
By Chris McKenzie
Navigating Through Social Media 6
Nutrition & Contest Prep Basics
By Josh Miller
Determining Daily Caloric Needs 8 Free samples
By Laura Gray
May Not Be So Free 13
Fish oil
By Tamara Watt
Major Benefits 24
Make your off season your on on season By Earl “The Pearl” Snyder
Getting a a a Head Start
Taking My Fitness
By Marion Hall
48 Regaining Control
By Dr Jeffrey Scallon
55 NGA sHoWs
2017 NGA Natural Mr & Ms California Championships
By Johnny “The Motivator” Carrero Folsom CA 36
2017 NGA 7th Annual Titan Classic By Titan Classic LLC
Urbandale IA 41 2017 NGA old Navy Pro/Am Classic By Scott Hults
& Michael Jackson Birmingham AL 46
2017 NGA 1st Annual south Lake Tahoe Natural By Bing Saez
Ormond Beach FL 52
eACH issUe
NGA Contest Results
May-August 2017 60 Letter from the editor
By Francine Bostinto 4 NGA 2018 schedules 68
Journey Up A Notch
56 By Lameesa Muhammad PhD 40 Bodybuilding
When is is The Best Time To exercise?
By Peter Nielsen
Just Do It! 18 strength & Conditioning Protocols
By Chad Adamovich
Cluster Sets
stay strong When the Going Gets Tough
By Dr Nicholas M Licameli
Set Yourself Up For Greatness
Motivator’s Corner
By Johnny “The Motivator” Carrero To Squat or
Abdominal Training Tips By Dr Christoph Klueppel
Prevent Lower Back Injuries
Try yoga
By Wendy Webberly
Reap the Rewards
The Anatomy Factor
20 20 2017 NGA 17th Annual Pro/Am Mr Mr & Mrs Natural Philadelphia
By Rev Warren I Egebo
PA 10 26 2017 NGA Mr & Ms Natural santa Rosa
By Laura Gray
34 Santa Rosa
CA 16
2017 NGA studio10 “iRoN GiRLz” Classic 42
By Tanya Wells
Upper Marlboro MD 22
2017 NGA 37th Annual Annapolis Championships
By Ross Simmonds
Medical Device Industry Expert 51
45 By Pam & Sarah Spindel
Annapolis MD 28
NGA Heart of America
pg 14

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