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Winter 2018
Coffee: Many people enjoy a a a a a a a a a good cup of o of coffee after a a a a hearty meal or when- ever they feel the the need for a quick
boost of energy on on a a long day while there are others who can’t drink coffee at all because it it makes them them jittery causes them them headaches makes their heart beat faster or disrupts their sleep All this would make a person wonder if coffee while supplying caffeine as a a a a a a stimulant is actually good for us In fact caffeine has long become a a a a a a a widely used ergogenic aid within athletic circles and with with good reason Caffeine has been proven to be be be be quite beneficial for active individuals because of its ability to increase energy levels as as as as well as as as as the basal metabolic rate Additionally caffeine is a a a a a a a a a a a common ingredient contained in in in in in most com- mercial “fat-burner” supplements When caffeine is is ingested as a a a a a pre-work-out supplement about
an an an hour before cardio exercise it improves endur- ance and slows the the perception of fatigue which allows for for the the individual to to be able to to exercise for for longer increments of time as as well as as burn more calories Strength-training athletes can also benefit from caffeine caffeine by consuming two cups of o of coffee - - - - - or or or or 300-400 mg of o of caffeine caffeine - - - - before their work-outs This has been shown to to increase mental alertness focus and also to to to enhance blood circulation which means improved work-outs due to to to an an an an upsurge in in oxygen supply to to the the working muscles Another great benefit of caffeine is that fit it reduces perceived muscle pain which which supports the athlete in in in in in in pushing harder which which helps in in in in in in achieving peak performance within the limits of one’s current physical capability While ingesting caffeine in in in in in pill form has the advantage of of o providing a a a a a a a a a a a regulated dosage of of o caffeine caffeine per capsule caffeine caffeine levels in in in in in coffee vary greatly due to the the brewing technique brand as as well as as in in the the amount used which generally provides between 80 -150 mg per 8
oz cup and slightly less than that for instant coffee However 18

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