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Winter 2018
The Road to Pro
As a a a a a a a a a a a a a twenty-year-old college student it’s still crazy to comprehend that I finally am considered a a a a pro athlete let let alone
telling my story to to share in in in a a a a magazine! Life has been an obstacle course but I wouldn’t have traded this journey for the world Like most people I can admit that there have been some high and low points but I strongly believe that the the lowest points in in my my life were the the most crucial to my my success in in bodybuilding My fitness journey all started in high school where I ran track and cross country Although I I was an an athlete I I struggled with an an eating disorder and used running as my escape from reality It was just something I I I I turned to when I I I I felt lost I I I I ran until until I I couldn’t think anymore I I ran until until my mind was clear and until all I could feel was the beating of my heart Eventually all all of this running on just a a a a few gra- nola bars a a a a a a a day took a a a a a a a toll on my body and I became anemic Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis At the time I was sixteen and that that was not something that that I wanted to hear Though I knew my my bones ached and my my immunity was weak the one
thing I wanted people to per- ceive me as as was strong I kept pushing through my sports and began incorporating lifting into my work- outs After attending and witnessing my first body- building competition I knew that it it was something that I wanted to do In my senior year of high school I I finally decided to do it it and and followed through with that goal and and competed in in my first bodybuilding show right after graduation The feeling of accomplishment and knowing I I did it all by myself had me hooked so I I decided to take on another show my freshman year of of college This was one
of of the mentally toughest times of my life because I was new to the college BY SAMANTHA VOELTz VOELTz SAMMYVOELTz@ROCKETMAIL COM
experience and had many things that I needed to adjust that were already a a a a a a a part of a a a a a a a busy schedule I meal prepped in in my dorm stayed in in when my friends partied worked two jobs and spent a a a lot of my time alone
There were days
I cried and wondered if competition prep was ideal at the time but eventually it all all paid off I ended up placing first in in in Bikini Open at the NGA
Titan Classic and won my NGA
Card Three months later I competed in my first pro show and though I I didn’t place I I am forever grateful I have found my passion in bodybuild- ing ing Anything that you you set your mind and heart to do you can achieve n n NGA
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