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Winter 2018
NGA Natural Northern States PRO Qualifier
September 30 2017 • Ogden UT Promoters: James & Bianca Purtell www utahngabodybuilding com
On September 30 2017 athletes from all around the Mountain States region including Utah Wyoming and Idaho gathered at at at at at Perry’s Egyptian Theater in in in in Ogden Utah to to battle for the the the 2017 NGA NGA Natural Northern States title and and to to earn an an an NGA NGA Pro Card These dynamic athletes trained long and and hard all year just to to make sure that their their bod- ies were in in in in their their best conditions to to compete in in in in the the the Bodybuilding Physique Figure and Bikini categories This was their their time to display all their their their their hard work in in front of of hundreds of of ador- ing fans their their their friends and their their their families In this show the the Teen Physique title was was cap- tured by Samuel Hirst Next up was was the the the the crowd’s favorite the the the the Bikini class where after all the the the the dust settled it it it it was Christine Skalka who took home the the the title and an an NGA Pro Card In Men’s Physique it it it was Justin McDonald who took 1st place earned
his NGA Pro Card and was crowned the the winner of the 2017 Utah Championships In a a a a a a a a special class of of 12-year olds and and under the the youngest of of the the the athletes Mayson Rockwood and and and Korbin and and and Kayson Vaux flexed their muscles and and gave the the the audience a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a peek into the the the future of natural athletics! This special class was an an an an instant crowd pleaser and enjoyed by all Tiffany Stosich would take home the Figure Open title title and an an an NGA Pro Card while Jeff Chin would take the the the title title of Mr Natural Northern States after winning the the the Men’s Bodybuilding Open class The show was a a a a a a a a tremendous success and we are already looking forward to to May when athletes from all over the the the West will converge to to compete for the the the Mr and Ms Utah Utah State in the the the 2018
NGA Natural Utah Utah Championships PRO Qualifier
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Christine Skalka Bikini Open Short & & Masters NGA Pro Card & & Overall
Jeff Chin Bodybuilding Open 1st Place
Justin McDonald Physique Open NGA Pro Card Tiffany Stosich Figure Open Tall NGA Pro Card & Overall

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