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Winter 2018
Athletes from all over the the the world includ- ing as as far away as as Italy gathered together to to do do battle in in this stupendous event The professional debuts and novice classes were followed by the the the NGA Pros who took the the the the stage in in fin in an an impressive showing of the the the the finest athletes in in fin in the the organization The Bikini Masters got this part of of the the show started and all of of these ladies looked fantastic Tracy Simonds took 1st place in in in this class followed by Shawna Broyles coming in in in in at 2nd and Sarah Logie in in in in 3rd place Stacked with several previous NGA Universe winners the Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Masters was a a a a a class that included the the the best best of of the the the best best Selvon Whatley from the the the country of of Guyana came came out out on on top in in this division to to beat out out Ray Clark who came came in in in 2nd followed by 3rd place winner Kyron Moses In the Pro Figure Masters class it was Samantha Feenburg taking taking home the top prize Ide- lisse Rivera taking taking 2nd and Tania Valdez coming in in in at 3rd place In the Pro Classic Physique Clint Blackbill and Catt Campbell battled it it out with Clint taking home “the Gold” In the the the the Pro Bikini Open Tracy Simonds took the the the 1st place for the the the second time this evening followed by Ashley Robinson in in in in in 2nd place place and Shawna Broyles coming in in in in in at 3rd place place The Pro Men’s Physique was a a a a a a a a tough class where two defending PRO Universe Champions battled it out It was Antony Richburg taking 1st place Catt Campbell coming in in in in at at 2nd and Jordan Elery taking the the 3rd place position In the the Pro Figure Open class Samantha Feen- burg took “the Gold” twice in one night 2nd place went to to Ashley Smith followed by Courtney Mighell coming in in at the 3rd place position The largest NGA Pro class in in this dynamic competition was Men’s Bodybuilding Open and Selvon Whatley featured on on the cover of this issue was absolutely unbeatable Ray Clark came in in 2nd place place and Patrik Minante from Italy took the 3rd place place position 54 NGA NATURAL mag
PRO Bikini Open L-R: Sara Logie Natasha Crowther Shawna Broyles Julia Hubbard Tracy Simonds ashley Robinson Jessica Jessica Orban Christine Skalka Jessica Jessica Hoffman
PRO Bikini Masters L-R: Julia Hubbard Shawna Broyles Francine Bostinto Tracy Simonds Sarah Logie Christine Skalka PRO Figure Open L-R: Samantha Feenburg Idelisse Rivera Kathy-ann abbott Courtney Mighell ashley Smith PRO Figure Masters L-R: amanda Perron Idelisse Rivera Francine Bostinto Samantha Feenburg Tania Valdez Jo-ann Hill

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