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Winter 2018 Winter 2018 NGA Amateur Universe
amy Lademann
Figure Open NGa Pro Card
Michele Grupillo
Men’s BB BB Open NGa Pro Card
& Overall PRO BB BB Masters 4th Place
Derek Edouard
Men’s Physique NGa Pro Card
& Overall Kristi Phillips
Bikini Open NGa Pro Card
Rodney addison
Men’s BB Open NGa Pro Card
& 2nd Overall In the the NGA Amateur Universe
Kristi Phillips
won the the Bikini Open and Masters classes to earn her NGA Pro Card
The Men’s Body- building Masters came on on stage in in great shape and took the the spotlight In the the 40-49 division Francesco Bruno from Italy won won 1st place Max Maffucci won won “the Gold” in in in in the the the 50-59 division and in in in in the the the 60+ divi- sion sion it it was Alvis Vaughn bringing it it back to return
to to “the Gold” status These competitors like fine wine get better with age Amy Lademann
won Figure Open and Masters earning her NGA Pro Card
Samantha Feenburg won Women’s Physique with Rosemary Brickman taking 2nd followed by Alissa Matechak coming in in in at at 3rd place The 1st place winners in in the Men’s Physique Open 56 NGA NATURAL mag

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