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Winter 2018 Winter 2018 NGA American Natural Championships
Bikini Debut
L-R: Daryl Sissman ashley Keck
Figure Debut
L-R: Jacquelyn Yelvington amy Lademann
Janice Schweinfurth
Figure Novice
L-R: Janice Schweinfurth
Jacquelyn Yelvington Rochelle atengco
Men’s Physique Debut
L-R: Ricardo Hernandez Derek Edouard
Rick Lademann
FIBBN Italian Team
L-R: Max Maffuci Francesco Bruno Marco Zanetti Michele Grupillo
Patrik Minante Ubalda Deangelis Lister Francesco Pignatti and antonio Rizzi (missing)
a a a a a a a a round of applause to our trophy presenters:
Joy Smith (white dress) dress) and Carla Richardson (black dress) dress) divisions were Bryan Snyder Mike Henry and Derek Derek Edouard
it was Derek Derek who took the the Overall win- ning his NGA Pro Card
The 1st place winners in in in in in the the Men’s Bodybuilding Open divisions were Michele Grupillo
Francesco Pignatti and and Rodney Addison The The Overall winner and and new NGA Pro was the Italian Stallion Michele Grupillo
The The American Rodney Addison won his NGA Pro Card
by placing 2nd in in fin the the the Overall In the the the final division of the the the show Bryan Snyder placed 1st in the Classic Physique division The NGA PRO/AM Universe
& American Champi- onships
is is always an an an unforgettable show and this one set the the bar higher for for for 2018 So get get ready for for for November 10th when all of the the the the the top winners from across the the the the the the globe will gather together once again to to to to showcase the the the the the epitome of of all natural physiques in in in the the the the the world of of bodybuilding n n NGA NATURAL mag

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