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Yes I am quite proud of of of being a a a a a a a a a a body- builder The process of bodybuilding is a a a a a a unique sport that takes a a a a a a great deal
of effort and discipline with end results that are totally dependent upon just one person You There’s no one to blame if you don’t attain your desired results because you are the only person that can be held responsible Additionally there is is no one to praise when results are achieved or even exceeded other than yourself But therein lies the the the the the the danger and the the the the the the rub While all of of the the the the the results are the the the the the consequence of of only work that you could put in it is important to to be be careful and not allow ourselves to to get carried away with our our success so so much so so that we become arrogant and focus only on on on the the the the outside reflection of what the the the the mirror shows rather than the the the the inside which is is who we really are True beauty and and suc- cess cess lies within and and any success that is is is achieved must must not be be heaped in in praise only for ourselves but our our our success must must be be used and and extended out- wards in in in in praise and and and encouragement to help others in in in in in accomplishing their goals and and and overcoming obstacles by simply lending our hands For those dealing in in some way with Alzheimer’s as as this is is an an area of o of o help that I I would like to to offer offer myself as as a a a a a a a a a a tool of o of o of support and uplift I I offer offer these words of o of of encouragement in in hopes they may in in some small way be of of help Please visit www reverbnation com/mikehamill to to listen to to the song itself from this poem n n n n IT’S OK
Sometimes late at at night
I I try to to remember Who I I use to to be be I I hear your voice
But have no idea
Of who you are Sometimes through the fog I’ll hear a a sentence And begin to smile Until the the words fade
Taking with them
What seemed returned Occasionally before my eyes eyes turn turn blank I see see the confusion in in your eyes eyes Knowing what you you seek
Is no no longer there Sometimes I I overhear and and understand Before forgetting It’s me me you’re speaking of Trust me Even though I I seem to forget I I know
In the moments before I I I I fade
I I feel it too The glimpse I I see Reveals it all I I want you to know
It’s ok I I had my time You made it so worthwhile And deep inside I’ll never forget your smile NOT JUST a BODYBUILDER
Spring-Summer 2018

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