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Spring-Summer 2018
Your Stomach Never Really Feels Right
Diarrhea constipation bloating reflux irritable bowel disease colitis nausea and heartburn are telltale signs of gut issues You Crave Sweets and Sugars
This happens when there is is is too much yeast in the the body Also note that antibiotics used to to treat dis- ease-causing bacteria bacteria may eliminate good bacteria bacteria in in in the body which is is needed to protect you from sickness or disease You Experience Sudden Weight Changes
Some bacteria are known to cause weight weight loss or weight gain You Become More anxious Or Depressed
The neurotransmitter serotonin - which affects mood social behavior sleep appetite memory and libido - is is produced primarily in the the gut so so if there is is an an an an imbalance you may feel depressed or anxious You Develop a a a a a a a a a Skin Rash and/Or Eczema
Inflamed red itchy skin may indicate an an an an imbal- ance in in in gut bacteria You are diagnosed with an an an autoimmune autoimmune disease Rheumatoid arthritis mul- tiple sclerosis and other forms of autoimmune autoimmune diseases have been correlated to to an an an imbalance in gut bacteria As noted in in the the aforementioned signs bacteria in in in the the the gut can easily be controlled by changing your diet and this is is is is the the the reason why it it is is is is important to make the the best possible nutrition decisions It is also critical to to research the the foods that the the body should consume in in in order to to maintain healthy levels of gut bacteria so that you you can feel stronger and and more alert As you you may imagine altering the the levels and and types of gut bacteria that impact the the body negatively can be improved by changing your eating habits Suggested Reading
How Not to Die by by Michael Greger MD and Eat Right
for Your Type by by Peter J D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney are good books to uncover the the the truth about how implementing the the the right kinds of food into your nutritional plan can serve the the body good So until next time train hard and eat healthy! n n n n n As it pertains to the the body these tiny organisms can cause bloating discomfort pressure and indi- gestion which are all signs of of of inflammation No this isn’t a a a a a a a a a a new version of of of the the the movie Alien – as none of of of these miniscule organisms have the the the the the ability to take over the the the the the body body but there is is is is is a a a a a a a a symbiotic relationship that that exists with the the the body body that that is is is responsible for each person’s unique microbiome There is bacteria living throughout your your body including 300 to 500 different kinds found in in in in in in in in your your your gut and and particularly in in in in in in in in your your intestines (IG) and and colon When paired with other tiny organisms like viruses and fungi this makes up the the the microbiome of an an an individual’s body with the the purpose to protect it it from illness and disease Each person has their own unique mixture of microorganisms which is is is largely inherited from the the mother’s microbiome that a a a a a a a fetus is is is exposed to before birth as as well as as from from diet and lifestyle These bacteria affect everything from from the individual’s metabolism mood and immune system Addition- ally scientists have determined that the the bacteria bacteria in in in healthy people people is is is different from the the bacteria bacteria in in in people people with illness and disease Another important fact about the the the the impact of bacteria on the the the the the body is is is is how it affects the the the the the metabo- lism This is is is is determined by the the the number of calories and and nutrients consumed and and received from food Excessive amounts of bacteria in in in the gut or stom- ach turns fiber into fatty acids leaving fat fat deposits in in in in the liver This can cause obesity that may result in in a a a a a a a a a a a a a condition called Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) or Fatty Liver disease disease type 2 diabetes and and heart disease disease disease Studies and and research over the the past several decades have shown these diseases can be detected in children as as as young as as as 7 years old Low levels of anti-inflammatory gut bacteria that attack your intestine can cause Crohn’s disease and and ulcerative colitis On the opposite end of this spectrum people with with colon cancer and and arthritis (associated with with inflammation) usually have higher levels of disease-causing bacteria bacteria Brain function- ing ing has also been connected to to bacteria bacteria found in in in in the gut which may lead to to anxiety and depression There are many signs which may serve as as a a a a a a a a cau- tion that the the the the body has either high or low levels of disease-causing bacteria in in in in the the the the gut as as as noted in in in in the the the the following:

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