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A Routine FoR SucceSS
Spring-Summer 2018
me to achieve success in fitness It’s not easy to stay structured and disciplined in in a a a world of flux so setting a a a schedule may not only help you you to achieve your personal goals outside of of your professional career path but it may also help you you to achieve the goals that you you set for yourself to become a a a healthier and more fit version of you The following is my personal routine which has allowed
me to achieve posi- tive gains in in in a a a life revolving around fitness:
MondAy thRu FRidAy wAke up At 3:30AM
Give gratitude gratitude to to God for another day It is important to to to to give gratitude gratitude in in in the the morning because it it it helps to to to develop a a a a a a a a a positive mindset to to to start and set set the the pace for for the the entire day Also showing grati- tude for for what you you have is is a a a a a a a a a a a a reminder that that although life is is is not perfect the fact that that you you can wake up and begin anew is is enough to be be thankful for Small things like having good good health a a a a a a a a a a a a supportive family and and friends that you can call on during good good times and and bad is enough to remain appreciative dRink one cup oF wAteR
Drinking water can jump start the the metabolism in in in in in the the the morning It also helps to to flush out toxins and hydrate the the body pRe-exeRciSe
Standing ab ab roller roller and and and push-ups for 15 minutes Using an an an an ab ab roller roller to strengthen the the the core and and and also doing push-ups first thing in in in in in in in the the the the morning is a a a a a a a a great way to pump up up the the blood flow while increasing energy and mental focus eAt A A A A SMAll poSt woRkout SnAck
One cup cup of of plain Greek yogurt for muscle recovery along with one cup cup of of water provides the the needed nutrients to to get the day onto a a a a a a healthy start ReAd dAily devotion devotion And pRAyeR FoR 30 MinuteS
Reading daily devotions and praying helps to take the the focus away from problems by centering on on on on solutions and the the creation of a a a a a a positive mindset MeditAtion viSuAlizAtion And bReAthing exeR- ciSeS FoR 20 MinuteS
Meditation relaxes the mind by removing dis- tractions Visualization and breathing exercises also serves to increase focus on on on on accomplishing dreams and and short and and long-term goals woRkout FoR 70-90 MinuteS
At A A A locAl gyM
This This workout routine consists of intense weight training and cardiovascular exercise This This is is is is is is also accompanied by listening to a a a a a a a a a a a a personal selection of motivational music bReAkFASt
A meal with high protein content moderate carbs and low fat is the perfect blend before head- ing out to work Note: Saturdays and and Sundays are generally rest days days days days and and only only used as as workout days days days days during competition season only only This routine has worked and helped me to achieve success in in fitness Though fit it it is is not for every- one fit it it can be modified to each person’s unique needs And even i if you you don’t adopt or or or amend this schedule for yourself the most important thing to to to remember is is to to to commit to to to a a a a a a a daily routine that is is right for for you you you and will also help you you you to to to achieve the success that you you you are striving for for n n n NGA NATURALmag

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