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Spring-Summer 2018
NGA PRo/AM Kentucky Natural Classic
May 12 2018
Lexington KY
Promoters: Josh and Melissa Miller www kentuckynaturalbodybuilding com
josh@transformationpersonaltraining com
Douglas Ludmann
Physique Overall
The The 2018
NGA PRO/AM Kentucky Natu- ral Classic
was as as as usual a a a a a a show filled with excitement and anticipation! The The competition brought in many of the very best natural bodybuilders It was an honor to to have such great level competitors in this show The competition typically held in April was was moved to May which was was a a a a con- cern but turned out to be a huge success The competition day day finally arrived on on May 12 2018
This was a a a a a a a a a a a a a day day that every competitor had circled on on their calendar as as as an an opportunity to to showcase showcase all
the the the the sacrifice dedication and commit- ment they made to to to be be able to to to showcase showcase their best physiques As a a a a a a a promoter the the the the pressure is on to to to to ensure that each competitor has the the the best competi- tion experience they they they can possibly have and and with all
the the the the hard and and grueling work that they they they put in in they they they deserve it The The show started with our our Junior Junior categories (25 and under) There were four Bodybuilder Juniors in in in in in in this class with Cole Brown coming in in in in in in 4th place Jacob Stone placing 3rd Austin Morgan taking 2nd and 1st place going to to Kaleb Barnett Next the 52 NGA NATURALmag
Lydia Sweetser
Figure Open Overall
Bikini Junior competitors graced the stage In this class it it was Alexandra Matz taking 4th place place Lacey Hylen in in in in in 3rd 2nd place place place going going to to Alla Mollett and and the the 1st place place win going going to to Taylor Williams Next was the the Figure Junior class class with four dynamic competi- tors In this class class it it was Cori Dempster coming in in in at 4th 3rd place place going going to to to Shelby Halloran Jessica Hanna in in in 2nd and 1st place place going going to to Lydia Sweetser
The PRO PRO categories were up next beginning with PRO PRO Bodybuilding which was was a a a a a a a a class of six competi- tors Coming in in in in in at 6th place place was was was Ron Page (who was was was competing in in in in in in his 85th show!!) 5th 5th place place place went to to Doug (Vincent) VanDyke in in in in 4th place place place was was Bob Goff Michael Ganrude took the the 3rd place place position Jerome Drakeford in in in in in 2nd and and winning the the the PRO class and and taking the the top position in in in in in in 1st place was NGA PRO PRO PRO Bodybuilding champion Meshack Ochieng! Up next in in the PRO PRO PRO categories was PRO PRO PRO Figure In this class 3rd place place went went to to Wendy Doran 2nd place place went went to to Wendi Eldred and the the 1st 1st champion was Chris Trimpey In PRO PRO Men’s Physique the the 1st 1st place win went to Colin Turner and in in in PRO PRO Classic
Physique the champion was Michael Ganrude The PRO Men’s Bodybuilding Masters had four dynamic competitors In this class 4th place place went went to to to Ron Page 3rd place place place place went went went to to to to Doug (Vincent) Vandyke 2nd place place place went went to to to Bob Goff and and the 1st place place place PRO Bodybuilding Masters champion was awarded to to 

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